LOL a blast from the diabetes past

Found a pic online of the first blood glucose meter I had around 1985ish. This thing was HUGE, and took close to 2 minutes to get a result too.

1525-bg_open1.jpg (16.4 KB)

I had similar and the meter cost in Canada $ 275. 00 ; strips if I recall correctly 50 for $ 19,00 ...times have certainly changed :)

LOL yes they have. While things certainly COULD be better you really do have to be thankful and greatful for all the amazing technology and medicines we do have today. It certainly hasn't been that long ago, meters were a LUXURY item, and not a lot of people had them, and yes like you mentioned they were EXTREMELY expensive.

Take a look at my recent blog about changes in diabetic technology.

Wow! Enormous!! It's really interesting what Nel mentions about the price of meters, which used to be as enormous as they were, vs. the price of strips, which it sounds like they were practically giving away. Now we get free meters but the strips cost big $$$.