Long Drive


Hooray! I made it in one peice and so did my truck.

I just completed my two day drive from CO to OR and have a few "lessons learned" to share...

I took off on Friday, already running about three hours behind the schedule. The night before I realized the I can't fit all the stuff in the back of a truck and needed to attach my overhead unit. So, here I was at midnight climbing out there with a flash light, looking for the bolts.

The drive itself wasn't too eventful, lots of stops to stretch legs, get food, gas, etc. Some odd placed along the way with it's local flavor.

The same deal the next day. It sure is a LONG drive...

Here is what I found interesting. I have been told by my pump educator that for the long travels I might need to increase insulin amount (temporary basal increase), since we are not moving around as much and most kids tend to go high because of that. I decided to use my first leg of travel as a test, and I am glad I did. Not only my daughter didn't go higher, I actually caught a couple of lows! The same thing happened the next day too.

All in all, she is doing very well, her numbers have been in good range since we got here. We'll see how the drive back goes now. Except this time I am going to take three days. One Mom, three kids, and 1,330 miles is a bit too much fun for two days!

PS: Thank God for a portable DVD player!!! I am actually contemplating getting another one, to have less arguing about the next movie we will be watching...