Looking for Super Bolus help

I decided to give a super bolus a try this morning. BTW my son is 10, on a MM722 and has been pumping for 6 years.


10:30 am he was 142 and I did the three hour superbolus, taking the basal to 0 for 3 hours. I bolused him for 58 grams (2 van’s waffles and 1/4 cup aunt jemima butter lite syrup)+ the 3 hours of basal (I used the prime for the 3 hours of basal so it wouldn’t show up in IOB) He ate around 10:45 am.

11:30 am he was 156

12:30 pm he was 195

1:30 pm he was 240

2:30 pm he was 215

I have his DIA set at 3 hours but it was apparent later that this large bolus was still working at the 4 hour mark.

Anyone out there good at figuring super boluses? I am thinking about going to 4 hours tomorrow and seeing what that changes. Depending on his starting blood sugar I might hold off and not prebolus as I worry about him dropping too much before the food kicks in. Any suggestions?

I thought the superbolus was to be used when you wanted to bring down a really high bgs number, fast not to cover for a high bolus meal.

I think you needed to cover the carbs and to keep his basal consistent for a meal that high in carbs and that is why he stayed high later as he had no basal in him.

I thought you would use the superbolus perhaps if he was really high at his two hour reading after a meal and then do the super bolus to get the high down and then the lowered basals so he would not go low later when no food was in him.

Thanks. The super bolus can be used both ways. In all actuallity, his reading were better with the super bolus than without. I should have probably included it. That is why I want to tweak it as I think it might be the answer to the dreaded waffles and syrup. If you would like more info on why to use the superbolus, the link at the top with John Walsh’s power point does a good job.