Loss of Health Insurance - Resources for what do you do?

Ellen, you have my deepest empathy.

I actually moved back to Washington State when my COBRA was coming to an end and I couldn’t find a permanent job with benefits, because Washington is I believe one of three states that require insurance companies to offer comprehensive individual plans to anyone who has exhausted their COBRA, without limiting their coverage based on pre-existing conditions. I couldn’t even get Blue Cross/ Blue Shield to mail me an application in Louisiana! They told me on the phone to forget it.

I have a history of melanoma in addition to my diabetes, thyroid disease and other issues. I’ve paid for insurance my entire adult life, but now that I’m no longer a healthy young “cherry” to be “cherry-picked”, the insurance companies don’t want me.

I pay over $420 per month for coverage through my HMO here in Washington; if I went with one of the Blue’s here it would be over $800 month for the same coverage.

THIS is why we need healthcare reform. Some states are just awful in their laws regarding health insurance coverage. Meanwhile, the insurance companies are posting huge profits and paying their CEO’s hundreds of millions. It makes me sick. I wish I knew what to tell you, but I had to move two thousand miles from my family to get coverage.

You are so right about us needing healthcare reform. I’m sorry you had to move away just to qualify for insurance. So sad that that is how our system works. I’m glad you are insured now.

The ADA has a program for prescription assistance: www.TogetherRxAccess.com

Jean, Massachusetts is one of the states that requires everyone to have insurance or be fined. I wished when I lived in NY they had that! I lost my COBRA in June of 08 and had no insurance until I moved back to MA. When I was on COBRA, I had to pay 585.00/month. With the commonwealth care I have, I do not have any premiums as its a state managed care medicaid.

Perhaps the OP can look into Medicaid of some sort?

Even if you have to use a walk in clinic I would get a doctor to sign for the prescriptions. Another thing is you if you live within driving distance of a teaching hospital with clinics and pharmacy attached you can also go that route. The reason I am saying this is because Federal Law mandates that all hospitals and or clinics that receive federal funds must provide charity care for those unable to pay. I don’t have insurance either and I use charity care and it is a blessing. I take care of my Mom and Sister full-time and I don’t know what I would do without this help. Two states Washington and New Jersey actually have charity care mandated as State Law. Definitely check into it.

Hello HIsmouse…
When I saw the Community Health Clinics I thought you might be living in Washington. If you live near a teaching hospital with clinics attached I would go there and apply for Charity Care. It is scary here. I know. If you want you can pm me. I put in a friendship request to you.

in Illinois, the state has a program for people that don’t qualify for COBRA… it’s called I-CHIP (Illinois Comp. Health Insurance Program) - look for something similar in your state and try not to let 63 days pass without coverage or else you may have to wait a full year due to pre-existing condition…

best of luck!

Hey, I don’t know about the things you use but for my Lantus I called them and they hook me up with a six months supply every 6 months.