What do people do when they have no health insurance but need insulin

i was recently laid off. i have enough insulin for about a month but then its run out. my dr’s office gave me a few samples but told me they cannot give me anymore. anyone have any suggestions? thanks jess

I am unsure of where you could get more but you could extend it by lowering your carb intake to make your rapid acting insulin last longer.

you can try some of these links

Spent many decades with no insurance so very familiar with the routine.

Go off the "expensive" insulins and go to the cheapest available. e.g. Wal-Mart ReliOn at about $25 a vial for R and N. And use the vials until they are completely empty. Re-use syringes. Use cheap store-brand test strips in the cheap store brand meters.

The place you'll really be surprised at, is how much simple lab tests like A1C cost when you don't have insurance. The mark up to the uninsured is obscene. e.g. When I have insurance the insurance company pays like $5 for the A1C test and I have to pay nothing. When I don't have insurance I have to pay $70+ for the A1C test. Just obscene.

Yes thats what ive been doing…

Yes i agree. I got a bill for 600 b/c i reordered some supplys the day i was laid off thinking i had the rest of the month w/ insurance. Not the case. Is it safe to switch fast acting insulins? Does it make a difference?

Thanks you for the link. Appreciated. I will check it out!.

If you're on MDI, there are several options. Walmart has $25/vial R and NPH insulins. Not ideal, but will keep you alive. Just remember that Regular insulin requires 30-40 minutes to kick in.

If you can get an Rx from your doctor, you may find that it's cheaper to order from Canada. I know some people here do that and can probably direct you to reputable sites.

You can also ask about Eli Lilly's assistance program, which I believe is included in the link Marie provided.

Walmart also now has really cheap meters and test strips.

Depending on your state, there may be additional assistance programs available through your state Medicaid office. You should call there as well to get that ball rolling, just in case.

I have also found that you can sometimes find cheap test strips online that people are selling via sites like ebay. Just make sure to check the expiration date before purchasing.

Mdi. Is that medicaid? If so i am not on it. I got laid off a month ago n had ghi. I use novalog flex pens. I have alot of lantis pens b/c my friends husband is type one n had extra. Im still good w/ the test strips. Im just low on the novalog. I called my pharmacy. Its 87 dollars a pen w/ no insur. So i will look into those websites. Thanks for the info

MDI stands for multiple daily injections

It's probably a silly question but can you afford to pick up the COBRA coverage?

When I was 16 my mom was laid off and we lost our health insurance. I remember applying through the county for medical care. I lived in Tampa, fl at the time. I’d check to see what your state and county offer for healthcare.

So cities have low income "health centers" where you might be able to go to receive discounted medical care and prescriptions filled directly through the center. Don't know if they do much with the newer insulins or not. But a lot of bigger cities have some income based clinics and places to get prescriptions.

Also some of these insulin companies have programs to help with obtaining insulin. Go to the websites and see what they have to offer.

Definitely check out your local community health center. They get federal money specifically to.provide primary care to anybody, regardless of if you have insursnce or not. Try findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov to look for one nearby.

Oh lol. Sorry i havent had diabetes that long…yes im def mdi for sure!

My boss nvr offered me it. I had to file a claim against him. He knows i have diabetes so i definatley needed cobra :frowning:

Yeh i might have to get tht started. Someone on here gave me a link n i called n they are sending me an application to see if i qualify for temporary free insulin.

Here is the NY State COBRA page which says that if your employer has a group plan and you weren't fired for gross misconduct, you have to be offered COBRA. There are a couple of numbers at the bottom in case you need help with your former employer:



Thnks maurie. Yes i have all the numbers. I made a claim. Hopefully he will get fined. I worked there for over 7 yrs n i should of gotten cobra

I got some numbers that i could qualify to get free insulin temporarily. While im unemployed. Hope it works