Lovastatin, Aspirin & Lisinopril


So I recently had to make the switch from my Endo to Kaiser. I was really bummed about having to switch doctors but my insurance changed so I am trying to stay positive about it. So today I had my first visit to Kaiser to try to get a referral to a Endo and the doctor wants to put my on a 3 different meds. She said lot of diabetics take these (even if they don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure). I do not have high cholesterol and I actually have fairly low blood pressure. So the doctor recommended this:

Lovastatin 10 mg daily with a meal - to protect my heart
Aspirin enteric-coated 81 mg with a meal daily- to protect heart
Lisinopril 2.5 mg 1/2 tab at night - to protect kidneys

I am not one to take meds (besides insulin of course!) so I am a little weary of all these meds. I asked her about side effects and she said there is none (which I don’t believe).

Is anyone else being subscribed these or had a positive/negative experience?


Hi Amanda

I hate it when insurance companies dictate our treatment instead of our doctor. They would have a hard time convincing me that an Endo is not the best doctor for me.

Wow, three new medicines in one visit. This doctor isn’t messing around, it sounds like she is being very proactive. I guess she really thinks that an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure. I see nothing wrong with that but I keep remembering another saying, If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

No one should be telling you not to follow your doctor’s advice. It sounds like your not comfortable with what she had prescribed so I would have to discuss this further with her. If you still cannot feel comfortable then it might be time to move on.

I don’t believe the no side effect statement either. All drugs have side effects. We have to make an informed decision about each whether the benefit out weighs the risk. I have taken the Lisinopril and had no problem but then I do have high BP.

All medicines have potential side effects. I had an endo prescribe me a statin (like your lovastatin), telling me the same things like “it will protect your heart” and “this is standard treatment for diabetics these days” etc. I wasn’t informed of any negative side effects, and found out later, after I ended up being in lots of pain, that statins can have severe side effects. In my case, they gave me severe muscle problems (atrophy and weakness) in my legs, and I ended up not being able to run, or stand up easily from a sitting position. I learned on my own that this was a major and potentially dangerous side effect of statin drugs. I took me almost a year to get my muscle strength back once I stopped the drugs, and I still have some leftover leg issues as a result (3 years later). I also didn’t have high cholesterol before I was put on the drug, and just trusted my endo. That was my mistake. I should’ve asked questions, like you are. I have since found a new endo, who I consider much more informative and responsible, and she was surprised that I was even put on statins at my age, although she does know that many doctors do now consider “preventive” measures like this the standard of care, but it is still highly controversial in the diabetes care community (among both patients & doctors). My endo won’t prescribe me a drug that I don’t need, and she informs me of all the potential side effects when she does prescribe me any course of treatment. In my opinion, your doctor was being irresponsible by telling you these drugs have “no” side effects, as many of them can be severe and life threatening. I assume that your doctor is NOT a diabetes specialist, and if you are in any way wary of taking these drugs, and want to know more before you take them, find a doctor (preferably an endo) who will discuss them with you and give you an INFORMED second opinion. Some people actually need these drugs, and I’m not telling you to take them or not to take them, but I just want you to be fully informed about what they can do so you can weigh the risks and benefits for yourself. Good luck with your decision and I hope everything goes well for you!

Hi Amanda!

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic who goes to Kaiser as well. Overall, my Endro doctor is good as well as the diabetic team (nurses and dietician). I have a bad case of “white coat syndrome”; and he has been suggesting that I take a low does blood pressure pill. I stand firm and tell him, when I test at home (hell even in a store) my BP’s are normal. My lab results for kidneys and cholesterol have been decent; so he hasn’t tried to push those other meds with me. If they happen to be higher than my last results, he’ll give me next time around to correct (which usually is a change in my diet). :wink:

I say go with your gut; if your lab results and history are NOT indicating a problem then don’t take the drugs. If you go in for regular/timely lab testing, then any potential problems should be caught in time. I’m with you; don’t like having to take drugs/medicine UNLESS absolutely have to (like insulin). ALL medications have possible side effects; doc was telling a bunch of B.S.

I also stress (even with my own family) it’s your right as a patient to seek a 2nd opinion and be firm with how you feel about your treatments. It’s suppose to be a “team effort” when it comes to your care; yourself and the doctor.

I hope this helps in some way. :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of if its not broken then dont fix it. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I think all the meds they gave me have given me some serious side effects. If I could and had normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol I would not take either even to prevent. I think the side effects are worse than what they prevent. The way I see it if your A1C is ok and you are a fairly active person why would the body need more junk to make it feel worse. You are better off getting some nutrients through eating a better meal than drugs that can cause side effects.

Statins cause some serious muscle weakness and I battle dizziness and weird heart palpatations every once in a while. My wonderful medcine that was supposed to bring my cholesterol down made my blood pressure go up to the point I got carted out of work in an ambulance with blood pressure of 190/100. It came down a couple of hours later but I know it was a side effect of those wonderful drugs that are supposed to prevent things. You should google the side effects that those meds can cause.

Anyway good luck an any dicision you make.

There’s no reason to take anything since you don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Lowering BP that’s already fairly low can cause you pass out.

It’s bordering on malpractice for her to say there are no side-effects when potentially there are quite a few. Google them to see for yourself. Don’t take anything without researching it.

I refuse statins at every doctor’s visit. My lipid ratio is very good & my triglycerides are quite low. My doctor believes that every diabetic should be on statins whether they’re needed or not. I vehemently disagree.

Aspirin does nothing for people who haven’t had a heart attack. It supposedly helps those who’ve already had a heart attack, so that’s useless also. Aspirin can cause stomach bleeding & other problems.

Thanks for all the advice. I am not going to go on them. I was leaning towards not doing it the whole time but since the doctor said “lots of diabetics” take these now I wanted to double check with other diabetics.

Now that you’ve heard from eveyone who doesn’t take the drugs, I just want to let you know that some of us do take aspirin and statins without any problems.

Good luck with your new endo,


I take Lisinopril, but I have high BP. They also added amlodipine, after trying a water pill. I told them that made my BG very high, and I refuse to take it. He tried to slip the water pill in on me again, and I had to remind him that my BP is very good at home (almost too low) and the Amlodipine is just fine with the lisinopril. I dont mind those two drugs, and my kidney function is great after 41 years of diabetes.

Now the aspirin came up a few years ago, and then the subject was dropped.

My other problem is Statins. My cholesterol is all fine, except LDL is 15 points high.

He handed me a script for a higher dose of Pravastatin, which I refused to take. Now I have a filled prescription for a lower dose and am terrified of it.

I have a dormant liver condition and statins are not liver friendly.

I have thyroid disease which can I believe, cause an LDL elevation.

I also have fibromyalgia. I dont need muscle pain.

My arthritis doctor said half the people she sees are in major pain from statins.

Just great.

She told me to try taking the 20 mg pill and just cut them in half to make him happy.

I’m still scared. Havent tried it yet.

sigh sigh.

I like my doctor, I dont have too many other options (really none within my HMO) but I am scared of the stupid statins.


I have Hashimoto’s & it does cause LDL to be high. I keep telling my doctor that I need more T3 to get LDL better, not statins.
Even with a less than great LDL, my ratio is good. You sure don’t need muscle pain from statins & they also cause muscle weakness, in addition to other problems. Not a matter of making your doc happy.

See? Thanks for confirming that.
I had Graves disease, treated with radioactive iodine.
I know my LDL went up during the last few years.
I cant get him to deal with thyroid at all, beyond the "Well, the lab says your levels are normal."
I guess maybe I should go seek a different opinion on the statins. I dont really have a primary care doctor right now, and probably need one. I just hate adding another doctor to the list.
I dont want to upset him, because we get along really really well on just about every issue. But I also do not think he understand fibro, or aknowledges it at all.
He doesnt show me my lab reports, so last time I grilled him on them and he said every other number is perfectly fine.
And I dont have a family history of heart disease, but I do have a history of dental inflammation (severe) and that is about the only thing that makes me wonder…
Since medical science has tried to make the dental/heart problem connection.

Have you had free T3 & free T4 tested? TSH doesn’t reveal true thyroid levels. I’d press to see your labs.

A goodly few years ago. A different endo tested and said they were fine.
I tried a Cytomel prescription (i think that’s the name) and couldnt walk around the block, so that dr. decided I didnt need any extra meds.
But who knows now. No, my Endo doesnt test past TSH.

That’s what I take because my T4 is ok, but my T3 is really low. What thyroid med do you take? Sorry, what do you mean you couldn’t walk around the block on Cytomel & so didn’t need other meds?

www.stopthethyroidmadness.com is a wonderful site. Her book is also great. Hope you can convince your endo to test free T3 & free T4. Was a knocked down argument with mine, but I went armed with facts & he finally agreed.

What always gets me is that they try to put me on statins when my LDL is fine by normal standards–I think last time it was like 105, but they wanted me to be under 100 even though the reference range was under 120–because they treat diabetes as a heart attack survivor.

My dad had major problems stemming from statins that were preventative and did a number on his liver. Whenever my endo tries to put me on them, I mention that, and so far I haven’t had one push.

I wouldn’t want to be on BP meds because my BP already runs low (when I test on my own, half the time I’m in the 110 /60 range–I have been like 98/56 before) and they’ve never even mentioned it. I figure there’s enough time to go on BP meds after I start getting some.

My mom has had serious blood clot/thinning issues (partially because of meds) as well as acid reflux–and that makes me very leery of going on blood thinners in general, asprin (which is so hard on stomachs) in particular.

All medications have side effects. They’re basically controlled doses of poison. It’s just that for the people who need them, the benefits outweigh the risks. For someone who doesn’t need it . . . I wish that more doctors would think before they prescribed by cookie cutter.

I hope no one minds if I resurrect this old[ish] thread. My new doctor just recommended a BP medicine in order to prevent kidney problems--of which I have none and have never had traces of in 23 years. This is the first time I've ever heard of this...so I found it frustrating to be told that it's standard. All my blood work is normal, my BPs run low. I'm very wary of taking meds. I went through an avandia and glucophage phase with one doctor, but cut those out almost immediately because of how crappy I felt.

In any case, I appreciate the talk here. I will definitely have to have another discussion with my doctor about this. :)

When I was new to diabetes and to Kaiser, my primary almost killed me with Lisinopril. He didn't have a clue I have autonomic neuropathy. My BP was always high in his office, but at home is seldom above 75/45 in the a.m. I tried to tell him and he didn't believe me. I finally just threw the dang pills out. He'd also given me glipizide and I was having some nasty lows. I wouldn't take anything you don't think you need, Kaiser docs that I've known are way too quick to prescribe and way to slow to listen when things go wrong. Oh, and stay away from their dieticians, too.

not bad advice at all...
I'm extremely wary of pills.
and I have blood pressure that is rarely above normal and is more likely below normal most times. :) I'm proud of that.
Ack. I hate pills...and pharmeceuticals. :P
except insulin. that's good. LOL :D

Yes I was put on those exact drugs. I had an odd reaction to 2 of them.
I got diarhea from the lovestatin and I got positional hypotension from the Lisinopril as well as feeling of choking from the Lisinopril.

After 3 other drugs to replace them, I finally just said "I'M NOT TAKING THEM "
I have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol.

Kaiser wants all diabetics on that stuff, I was berated for close to a year. I would be happy to take them if I needed them or If there were no side effects.
My BP runs about 110/80 and I' happy with that, My cholesterol runs about 150, HDL 75
It is crazy that anyone would want me on a statin at 150/ 75.
It is protocol there tho, You just have to be clear with them,

I take the aspirin though because it has no side effects for me.