Love spring!

Spring has to be my favorite season of the year around here! The late snow that we received last weekend made me fear that it may never get here. But alas, today was a gorgeous day, so I got to spend some time in the beautiful tulip fields in Skagit Valley. My two favorite photography subjects, my girls and the flowers. I can never take in enough of either of them! The pictures don’t do either justice, but nonetheless, they take me back to the fields every time I look at them.

Hi Toni!
I know I thought spring would never get here either. I was diagnosed this past january and I have never felt the cold as much as I did his winter! I have since then been outside almost everyday cleaning out my flower beds and rejoicing over the new flowers popping up and the leaves coming on my roses! It is going to be a little cooler this coming week they say so I will most likely just be cleaning up the tree branches in the yard and burning leaves off, but it is still out doors and the sun can bake the warmth back into these old bones, lol. Keep enjoying your flowers and girls and take care.

Wow! Those pictures are beautiful. And your girls are adorable. I didn’t know there were flowers like that in the US – I had to check your profile, I figured you were in Holland or something! The farthest west I’ve been was to Las Vegas. I even googled the Skagit Valley to look at more pictures of the tulip festival. Really breathtaking, and that’s just from looking at pictures.

We have the largest tulip fields here, outside of Holland. They are always so striking and stunning. I never tire of looking at them.