Low Carb 48 to 72 hours max. " Night Carb eating attacks* Getting worse


  1. My age/65 My wife’s age 62/ Our son is 36. He has never been employed after receiving his B.S. Degree and Masters Degree. He is on disability, S.S.I., Medicaid, and lives @ home. My problem concerning this circumstance - I am obviously not getting younger. What will he do when I go to the other side? May God Not punish me for telling you the reader about our son. Our adult daughter is another story for another time. She marches to the drum of everything is O.K. in her life - married -lives in Chicago - 2 kids - works as an accountant for a major national company, and just stared a travel agency with her husband.
  2. You may think this next sentence is way out in left field. Our son eats a diet that he has developed for what he can tolerate. He was even hospitalized once, and the reason was Scurvy. He really and truly has to eat a particular brand of cookies derived and made with peanut butter. No matter how many times he has hidden them - I always have managed to find them. He is in his room 85% of the time - and with the array of items accumulated in his room , he will not budge from storing the cookies in his room. To a lesser extent my wife never eats sweets/ she is not diabetic yet/ and mainly for taking her lunch to work - she will buy chips. MY PROBLEM HITS MY BRAIN between 11:30 p.m. -1:30a.m. I wake up and use the rest room during those hours - and my brain is wired to leave the bed room and eat high carb content food choices. Even if I have a stack of protein snacks available, I revert to the carbs. That on top of averaging only 4 hours per night sleep using the Sleep Apnea C.P.A.P. machine - I wake up every day and feel like a train, followed by a Big Rig, ran over me - wiped out - tired - and on. and on.
  3. From the time I was 54 years of age to now (age 65) I am in a medium functioning health range.
    Pre 54 years of age - 80% of my nerves were settled with massive amounts of both exercise and out door activity. 20 % reading. All those high activity years have been replaced by a new hobby - collecting Physical Ailments which resulted in being almost home bound at times. Such as - for 10 year have a torn rotator cup - have a Spinal Cord Stimulator - Last Jun 2, 2015 - second total knee replacement - and so forth. I was watching Dr. Phil’s Type 2 Video on your website last night. He has adjusted from then to now. I have not. I am under mental care for Anxiety - and it is just tough.
    In conclusion - my endroconolgist has never heard of Dr. Bernstein, nor does she know any thing about assisting one to change over to low carb. I brought the book - “Diabetic Solutions” with me to our last appointment, and the list of my problems.
    P.S. - My new name should be more pleasant to all the viewers. If you don’t mind ( I will admit)- my first post a long time ago was Carb Man. What a foolish name - that is what high blood sugars, pain, and everything else can do to your thinking skills. May God Bless All of You.
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get some apples, try Honeycrisp it will be better than cokies or ceral. and it will start the withdraw process. Just a thought

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Welcome CARBMan! You have a bunch of issues going on. I also use a CPAP and I have to tell you if you are only getting 4 hours of sleep or night that is not great. Have you worked to get your CPAP and mask adjusted? Have you gotten your AHI below 5? Have you tried Melatonin?

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This gives a simple overview to how it works for me. The more carbs I eat the more carbs I want. They don’t give up easy and it’s biochemical
Big Fat Fiasco pt. 5 - YouTube

an introduction to low carb, no need to pay to see more, there is enough on the net.

what to expect the first week, besides being starving hungry for the first 36 hours, then it stops