Low carb exercise?

What I do is take a smaller bolus for my meals than needed and workoff the extra carbs during exercise. Google excarbs and it gives great examples of how to do this.

I eat low carb. maybe 6-15-15 carb wise. Breatfast is 2 kavli crips (or a home made muffin), 1-1.5 oz cheese and 2-3 slices of cold cut. Lunch is usually a salad (cobb or chicken ceasar) with low carb dressing, a wrap on low carb lavash, or a sandwich stuffed in a low carb pita. . Dinner is the same portion sizes but all over the place other than that. Last night was chicken taquitos (2 low carb tortillas @ 14g carbs, chicken, cheese, shredded greens, grilled and topped with sour cream dip).

So, the other day I was tasked with moving workstations around our offices (heavy lifting, climbing under desks, etc). After 6+ hours of this I felt horrible I are 2 granolla bars at 20c each and felt much better with BGs drifting into the 120-130s and no correction. I figure I completely depleted my glycogen stores.

I dont exercise a ton due to retinopathy, but Ive seen many a debate about the amount of carbs that are needed for a workout. You might cut your bolus way low for a bit and keep some glucose with you for the exercise. Then eat 5-10g ever hour like Acid Rocks example. Watch the post effects as well to see how long your system is effected. Also, some good fat before the exercise may help keep things stable.

Also, you post this over in the Bernstein group. I know a few of the group work out with weights and what not.

I can’t help out with this one - my blood sugar rises during & post workout so I actually bolus 1.5 units of novolog before I leave for the gym. It doesn’t matter if I do slow, heavy lifting, or fast-paced body strength stuff, everything (except for walking the dogs) gives my glucose a jump.

Another thing I have done when I was weightlifting and doing cardio is take a protein shake to the gym made with one cup of regular skim milk=12 carbs plus protein powder and drank 1/2 before my workout and the other half after about 45 minutes and it kept me stable.

I eat eggbeaters w/ the toast. The last time, my cholesterols were like 50 and 110 which I liked. I have beer pretty regularly. I eat about 50-60G of carbs between breakfast, lunch and snacks, 20-30 before and while I work out and then about 60-75(+) in the evening. Bud Select 55= 1.8G of carbs. I usually keep some Guiness around too, since they print 9.9G of carbs/ 12 oz on the side of those pint (?) cans? I just bolus away. I was eating tons of nuts for a while but figured that 84G of nuts/ day was perhaps a weight loss opportunity so now I have cheese and then bring a bag of small pretzel twists if I run low. I seem to be right on the edge w/ I/C ratios as 989 runs my numbers too low and 878 isn’t quite enough for my tastes. The other option would be to adjust by eating a bit more but I am always sort of winging it.

I’ve also signed up to run my first marathon this year. Last year I ran 2x 1/2s (in two weeks, plus one on my own a few weeks before…) and have another 1/2 coming up this weekend. I just got back from a 7 mile run. It is hard to pull over when SPRING is in the air. The conditions were perfect today when I got home from work.

One other thing I do, that I picked up from Galloway’s Book of Running is skip dinner the night before races. It makes the morning more manageable BG wise and a very light breakfast sits nicely, maybe gets consumed a bit more because I’m hungry? I tried that the first race I ran, like a week after I got the CGM (which ripped out 3 miles into the 1/2…oh well, I got some heavier duty sticky stuff and it worked great the next race!), and it worked great. I eat a big lunch the day before, like 90-100 carbs, something like brown rice w/ salsa and maybe grill some chicken and pig out. I look at as a distinct advantage to skip the porta-potty lines and it doesn’t seem to phase my BG.

Here is one for you http://www.ultramarathonrunning.com/races/potawatomitrailruns.html. Had a friend who did ultra-marathons all I can say is you have to be nuts. Biking was always my thing mt knees are wrecked from soccer and wrestling.

My aunt runs those, Ironman races and other gonzo events and graciously volunteered to run along with me. I like biking too. There are some nice trails by my house. My aunt said ‘any race you want’ but I figured Chicago would be fun as I grew up here, moved back recently, know my way around, etc.