Low Carb Video

Here's an interview with Dr Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD who co authored a book I really like called "The Art and Science of Low Carb Living"

This is a rather long interview but is interesting if you want to learn how your metabolism changes eating low carb/high fat. He also discusses various traditional peoples diets as well as what he considers the best types of fats to eat. Not really about diabetes but interesting for those of us who choose to adopt a low carb diet as a strategy for dealing with diabetes.

Good video. I watched this video about two weeks ago...

Picked up his book when Amazon discounted the price earlier this week, and am currently reading it.

Thanks. Enjoyed it.

Here's a link to an interview of Dr. Phinney by Jimmy Moore. He covers some different ground from the video concerning keto adaptation and exercise. Also Low fat and inflamation, why the resistance to low carb by medical professionals and other aspects of low carb.

I am on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I got Dr. bernstein's book and it is amazing about his life with diabetes . I looked to see what to have for breakfast and one was bacon and eggs. So I was happy to cook this for myself and my son. I felt great all day my blood sugar didn't rise up high like they sometimes do with my breakfast of oatmeal and they didn't go too low like they usually do before lunch and mid afternoon. My blood pressure is usually 136/60 when it's good. I have a bp monitor and need to have it re cailbrated and the cardiologist nurse said the fire department could do that.. they said they couldn't. But they checked my bp and it was 210 and they said I should have it checked out. So I spent my day in the emergency room.
Did the bacon and butter I use to cook the eggs make it go up. If it did I don't know what to eat . Also for lunch and dinner I eat salad and about two ounces of meat. I don't think my bp has ever been that high except when I was pregnant with my son.

Sorry about the ER visit & scare.

If you're restricting sodium because of BP, bacon has quite a bit along with salted butter. That could do it. You still have to watch salt intake, of course. Keep the eggs, use unsalted butter & eat another protein that's not sodium high. Butter isn't going to send BP up.

Thanks, I have Dr. Bernstein's book Diabetic Solution coming soon.