Low from basal?

is it possible to go low from basal?
i have 2 units of levemir at 930am, along with 1 unit of novorapid for my 24-50 gram carb brerakfast.
i have lunch at about 2pm, low carb so i dont have to inject. i dont like to inject for lunch because then i cycle to work about 25 minutes and dont want to go low on my bike. when i get to work i check bg to make sure im where i want to be.
i inject 9 units of levemir at 7pm and usually eat about 5 -10 grams of carbs, usually full fat greek yogurt or a piece of fruit or some squares of dark chocolate. i continue to work till ten pm. i am a teacher so im moving around a classroom but not doing anything really active.
when i leave i check again. if im under 110, i have a glucose tab or two. today i was at 123 so had nothing. i got home and im at 62. how can i drop so much if im just cycling for about 20 minutes and then walking for another 15 minutes?

i know ydmv and i might get the advice to lower the evening basal but then i wake up too high!

does anyone have the magic answer for me?

that should be 24 or 25 gram breakfast, not 50!!

Changes to basal and IC ratios should be done as the result of seeing a pattern, not just one event.

Are you possibly honeymooning and/or still producing some insulin ? If so, that does make calculating basal and IC ratios very difficult !

Keep in mind that meter BGs are not 100% accurate, so 123 might have been 115, and 62 might have been 78.

If you see a pattern of dropping 40+ pts on your ride home, and reducing your basal led to highs in the am, then maybe you could split the dose, part at 7pm, and part before bed.
You might also consider keeping your 7pm meal/snack more consistent with the combination of carbs/proteins/fats.

yes, me too. sometimes just walking around in the store i can have a huge drop.

Yes it is possible to get lows from to much basal. When I first started on Lantus before switching to my pump. I had to split my Lantus dose, and take half in the AM and half in the PM, the PM dose if I tried to take it all at night would drop me way low overnight. Most people end up splitting Lantus or Levemir to get better, smoother doses. I'd give it a couple of days, see if it's a trend u are noticing, and then perhaps your basal needs some adjustment. Good luck, its fustrating trying to get it all right, and just when you think u have...it changes once again.

Yes it's possible to go low from basal. Figure it drops your blood glucose as far per unit as does short acting insulin - only over a different time period, so it's just a bit each hour. For some folks it has a peak; figure anywhere from 5-10 hours after injection. Sorry, I've never been able to get this down to something closer. Each patient is different.
I'm speaking only from experience with patients, not from representing any company.
The advice, and not magic answer for you, is to work with your timing and dosage splitting.