Low Glucose Readings

So I inserted a new sensor two days ago into my lower abdomen. It started reading really low despite what I calibrated it for. Then over night it went to reading super high. In the morning I recalibrate the dexcom. Since then its been running super low (30’s-50’s) when I am not low. Is there any reasoning behind this you guys experienced?

Sounds like it may be a bad sensor. You should call Dexcom’s tech support.

Welcome to the club. That has happened to me before and I just rip it out, take a few days off to remedy the frustration and hope for better. I think it has more to do with the site. Maybe scar tissue?

That happens to me pretty often! I’ve been using Dexcom for about six months and have had a lot of sensors give really low readings consistently - to the point that I just ignore them. Which kind of defeats the purpose…

Kris, crazy numbers are not unusual during the first two days. The by the third or fourth day the numbers begin stabilizing for me. the accuracy is very good after that, and the second week is better than the firt week. I wear a sensor for an average of 14 days. There are some old discussions here that give great hints that are not in the Dexcom manual. I had terrible results with my Dex until I got help from this group. You can look at the discussion titles and number of replies to see which ones are worth reading.

Thanks for the help and tips. I will check out other threads on the dexcom. I too get 14 days usually out of a sensor but with instant accuracy. If its still like this tomorrow I will be sure to call customer service.

I have faced a simliar issue a few times both with super lows and highs. Its likely a defective sensor. I would call tech support and they will send you a replacement.