Low Question

I have a question. DD woke up this morning with a queesy tummy. I made her check her BG thinking maybe they were high. Normal 110. However she slept until 12:00 and now is complaining of a headache as well. Could this be a sign of her going low at night? sounds a lot like a hangover to me, and I thought that I had read somewhere on here that some of you feel like this after having a hypo experience.
Any thoughts? Or recommendations?

PS> She has not vomited at all.

this often happens to me after i have overslept, i have to sleep in no later than 10 every morning because i’ll feel sick and my blood sugars will have dropped during sleep, so i’d say it could be a combination of either

Ok, So I am thinking maybe we need to test 1 time during the night for a while to make sure that she isn’t dropping? We are still honeymooning so its hard to say if her pancreas is kicking in and dropping her down. She takes Lantus at night. I have read on here that some people test at 3:00 am? Hopefully this wont send us over our strip refill date (however I think I would be able to call Dr. and get some more).

Its weird I don’t think that she had overslept at the time when I first woke her up. However it very well could be a situation of not enough sleep. She might have stayed up most of the night. Hopefully that is it and we aren’t dealing w/our first sick day. sigh

Hi C
I have been waking up with a headache a number of mornings and have started keeping a big mug of ice water by my bed. i really don’t know why the ice water is so appealing to me so early or why it helps with the headache… But I have this huge mug from a Quick Trip and fill it with ice before going to bed (and water of course) Anyway during the night I need a few drinks of water. When I have awakened with the headache i drink several mouthfuls of the water and lie back down for a few minutes. If i fall asleep again for a little while that is okay But after a bit (after drinking the water) the headache is eased. I don’t know why it works for me. And i haven’t checked my blood sugar then either. But when I get up it has been running very nicely. I am not sure if the ice water can pick up my blood sugar or not by a little bit or if it makes any difference at all. But if the ice water works for you all I am very happy. Simple is very good and i sure hope it isn’t a sick day.
My best to you both.

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for the ideas. DD doesn’t normally wake up in the middle of the night (that I know of). Heck I have a hard enough time just waking her up in the morning :smiley: We found out that she had a stomach bug as it traveled through our house. Thank god no one actually threw up. :frowning: My Hubby and I got it and our littlest one. I don’t think our 2 yo got it, but you can’t be too sure with her. Anyway thanks for the ideas.