Low sugars

For the last 24 hours my sugars have been running low and seem to be wanting to go lower. Last night I was able to keep it up with oj and glucose tabs. A couple hours ago went to an 80% basal on the pump. Still running low but controllable. Just wondering how others deal with days like this. It’s certainly not the first time.

Just what you’re doing - put in a temp basal reduction… Have had to go as low as 40% a couple times, but it usually levels off eventually. With me, it happens when I’m about to come down with a cold or flu - for 1-3 days before - and sometimes after - I “come down” with clod/flu symptoms, my BG seems uncontrollably low. No fun when that period ends – usually abruptly!!

How low have you been going?

Been keeping above 70 and mostly above 90 but that is thanks to the Dexcom. Will definitely keep it close while I sleep tonight.

Same thing here, if I am running ‘low’ I dial back on the basal. I usually start at 70% and move forward and back with glucose testing.

Once I’m low for a bit, I tend to keep being low. I am pretty sure it’s because my liver releases more glucose to try to respond to the lows and then gets depleted, resulting in less glucose output than normal for a while after. That glucose output is what your basal rate is normally covering, so it makes sense to need to back off it. I’m on MDI, so I usually need to remember reduce my Lantus by several units if I’ve had more than one low or a really long lasting low in the past 12 hours.

Thanks for the input. Seems I am back to “normal” today. Whatever normal is.

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I fully believe that “normal” is an illusion, anyway…

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“normal” is just a button on your dishwasher