Lowering Cost and Increasing Access to Drugs Without Jeopardizing Innovation

Former FDA commissioner Dr. Robert Califf and former Acting Administrator of CMS Mr. Andy Slavitt just wrote a timely article

US drug costs have reached unacceptable and unsustainable levels. Evidence shows that “financial toxicity” arising from drug costs and other medical expenses is reducing financial security for many families1 and prompting difficult choices, as patients defer or forgo therapies they cannot afford.2 In stark contrast, comparable countries negotiate drug prices and use drugs more effectively. Recent data suggest that other high-income countries have an average life expectancy approximately 3 to 5 years longer than that of the United States, which ranks last among high-income countries and is losing ground compared with peer nations.3 Although drug prices account for only part of these trends, they nevertheless add to disparities that dominate the trajectories of US health outcomes.

Under the current US system, drug manufacturers estimate what the market will bear for a novel therapy. Then, if there is concern about negative publicity about drug prices, a fraction of the cost may be subtracted, at least while attention persists. Absent competition or negotiation, this fraction is determined by the company’s internal moral compass and the degree of awareness in the biomedical ecosystem, which is often driven by public perception of the specific disease.

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This is an excellent, if somewhat dense article.

It exposes the current weaknesses of our drug pricing system and explores viable alternative concepts.

Thank you @Mila, for sharing it.

“Importing drugs from other countries—a workaround born of desperation—is the least-favored long-term approach. A substantial proportion of drugs imported via the internet are either fake or only partially potent; many contain impurities, toxic substances, and adulterations.”

That is horse poo. A great big pile of it.

The only reason anyone would get bad stuff is because the practice is currently illegal.

If it was legal why would anyone order from joe dark web instead of a multinational pharmacy ? And sure CVS in Canada is going to sell me a bad product, ya right.

“Drug importation would also burden the FDA” Ya the Canadian FDA.

That paragraph I quoted makes me distrust the whole article cause it is so dishonest.

Well then why doesn’t the government that “cares” so much about our safety provide a list of trusted international sources when it knows darn well people are doing this anyway ?

“Without Jeopardizing Innovation”

Ask your doctor why they spend more on ask your doctor ads then research.


PS I was watching an ad for “Humira”

“Tell your doctor if you have been to areas where certain fungal infections are common”

I called them and asked how can I possibly tell my doctor if I have been to areas where certain fungal infections are common if you people don’t mention the areas or what fungus ?

First they try collecting personal information and I refused, just tell me what to tell my doctor.

After much insistence and persistence they told me the Ohio river valley is the area and the name of the fungus.

This is pretty in depth

Blocking direct to consumer advertising without the courts.

"There is a simple, powerful way that President Trump can end Big Tech’s evil censorship with a single signature. It requires no act of Congress, no regulatory action and no criminal prosecution.

The move requires nothing more than Trump’s signature on an executive order that cancels and prohibits all federal contracts with large-scale internet platforms that refuse to protect the First Amendment rights of all Americans . In a single signature, President Trump could end all government contracts with Google, Twitter, YouTube, Apple and other dominant online platforms that are now maliciously de-platforming users"

What does that have to do with Blocking direct to consumer advertising ?

We could find a way to bully them to quit wasting our health dollars on those damn ads without involving the courts and first amendment issues.

They get all kinds of grants and tax breaks ect ect.

Want to keep playing those damn pharma ads ? Then say good-buy to government policies that benefit you.