Lows at the Beach

SO I live in Virginia Beach and have been going to the beach twice a week since the warm weather started. However! Ive noticed that, just sitting in my chair doing nothing but sweating in the sun, lowers my blood sugar tremendously! I checked it today at the beach and it was 55! Ive completely stopped taking insulin at lunch time if Im going to the beach. Has anyone else noticed this??

I was diagnosed with Type 1 a little over 4 months ago. I have also been involved with a stem cell study and have recieved all three infusions… My A1C 4 mo ago was 11.6 and now it is 5.6… I think there has been a breakthrough!! Right now I am taking 22 units of Lantus at night and then nothing during the day (I think the Lantus is strongest at lunch time. However, I take approximately 10 units of humalog before dinner because I think thats when the Lantus wears off.

Does it go low at other times too? Your basal might be a little high. I know that when I was first diagnosed, my doctor put me on 16 units of lantus, but this was WAY too much. I would go low at random times, and I never knew why. I eventually lowered the dose bit by bit on my own, until I eventually reached 3. 22 might be a bit much for you.

DO THIS: At a regular time (not the beach, not when exercising heavily), eat a meal, then after 4-5 hours test your blood sugar. The meal and your bolus should no longer have an impact. Wait one hour, and then test again. Did it go down? If it went down, you’re taking too much basal; if it stays the same, you’re good.

But I’ve noticed myself that going certain places makes my blood sugar go down as well… Particularly when I stay in a place for a couple days. I just moved, and my blood sugar is much lower in my new home. Could be the lack of stress–and that sounds especially likely at the beach. Are you stressed elsewhere? Just a thought.