Lows, Highs, Lows, I go nuts!

Insulin lows problems.

Nothing can make me more angry than having written a good story for new diabetics and doing something at the end that causes the whole thing to simply disappear. Feel like throwing the puter out of the window. Lucky the windows are closed…
It was about the fact that we all seem to suffer of overreacting to a low by eating too much too soon! I’m often doing this even after all those years that I have enjoyed this thing called diabetes. Some people like me may never learn…
I have to react because I have had some VERY bad lows in my life but mostly in the before time of the blood glucose testers, so the before 1980’s. Must have lost many brain cells as you must have noticed. LOL. Wonder if my stroke was caused by that? It is possible you know! Today we can test right away and the big shocks I have had should not recur anymore!
The trouble with overeating is that we then end up with high sugars and we have arrived at the "Merry go round."
So if you get a low, treat it easy like with not over feeding eh? Give it some time in between to see where we are going.
Well I have written it again, maybe not as well as the first time but it will have to do.
My HGA1C came in the mail yesterday, it was 5.8 does it really mean anything?


Hi John,

If you feel like throwing the putter out the window, it might be best to have to window open. That way, you don’t have to replace the broken pane of glass. Also good not to live next to a large body of water…makes it harder to relocate the putter!

Cheers, Mike

5.8 is excellent. I guess it means you’re trying hard and doing a good job - so congrats.

Don’t blame it all on yourself for overeating - if your BG goes low enough your liver kicks in and that can take a long time to unwind. Assuming you don’t go low enough to make that happen, the best way to treat I’ve found is to have a set amount to eat (in my case one ripe banana) then test after 15 min. If I just grab handfuls of candy I always overtreat.

What was your worst low? I’ve never gone beyond bad shaking - I’ve wondered what would happen next (obviously don’t want to know from first-hand experience though).