Lyme Disease...anyone been there?

I just found out today that I have Lyme Disease…I started to suspect it when in the last few weeks I started having pain in my knees, like arthritis (I’m 25 and this is not a normal thing for me). I looked up my symptoms online for clues. I have been getting pretty bad headaches/migraines for a while as well, which may also be from the Lyme. And it seems my tiredness is justified (I thought I was just extra lazy lately!). It’s very tricky since I never saw a ‘bullseye’ rash or a tick. However, I live in a tick-laden area and spend a good amount of time outdoors. Glad I followed my hunch and called the doc!

Has anyone else dealt with Lyme as a Diabetic? It doesn’t seem to be effecting my numbers thus far. Do antibiotics ever effect your blood sugar? I am going to be on a 3 week course of doxycycline. Thanks for any input!