Mail-order Pharmacy users: How long does your insulin REALLY last?

So this past week or so I’ve had the WORST time getting consistent readings on either day three of my set and/or (now) using a bottle of Novolog that I opened barely over a week ago. I’m just over the halfway point through my three-month supply and this is bottle #5 of 9. This is the second time I’ve gotten partway through a bottle and had it work inconsistently (if at all) this month. I don’t want to have to throw out ANOTHER not-empty bottle but I’m to the point of keeping the open bottles in the fridge too and crossing my fingers that they don’t denature more.

Anyone else have this problem?

maybe it isn’t your insulin, but it is your sets?

I don’t pump, but I’ve had bottles of Apidra go bad & Lantus also. Lantus is supposed to be kept refrigerated, but I’ve been keeping the Apridra in the fridge now, too. Am sick of throwing insulin away! I know it’s got to be the insulin because as soon as I open a new bottle the numbers go down.

I have only had a probelm once–both bottle of novalog that were bad were from the same lot–novalog replaced both vials…sent the replacements to my local pharmacy even though I get mail order…wish I didn’t have to get mail order–I like my local pharmacy…had the same pharmacist for 12 years (her retired)…now have had the same one for 3…oh well…maybe sanity will return and the days of mail order and 3 month supplies will go away! (not holding my breath–but still enjoy wishfull thinking now and then)

So far so good with this set and this insulin. I’ve been trying thigh sites with an angled set and they seem to not last as long as straight in sets on my stomach. Add to that a couple of days outside in the sun in warmer temperatures earlier in the month plus my last bottle being out in (possibly) higher-than-recommended temps and I’m getting leery of my insulin going bad.

I will say that this is one of my least favorite parts of diabetes - too many variables potentially contributing to frustratingly unpredictable blood sugars. Grrrr.