Maintaining blood sugars during exercise

I would like to take 2classes at my Y, one is water aerobics, the second is yoga. When I get out of the pool my BS is 60’s. Do I eat a 15 carb snack and glucose tabs for the next class? I have 15 minutes to shower and take the next class. I am a type 2 on lantus,I hold the AM dose until after I exercise. Thank you for your help. Nancy

wow, in the 60s after wáter aerobics? do you think your basal dose is right? its supposed to keep you steady all day, not make you low.
hmmm, because youre not on any fast acting, i imagine you dont have an insulin to carb ratio? i know that for me one carb raises me about 5 points and so im able to estimate how much x carbs will raise me. if you have that info about your own metabolism, it would be very helpful.
if not, taking in 15 grams of fast acting carbs just after your wáter aerobics class if you are in the 60s would be a good way to start experimenting. after your yoga class you can test again and see what your bg is. if you get readings that are pretty similar 3 or 4 times, youll know if you need more or less carbs to sustain you through that second class.

type twos in your situation (only on long acting) might be able to better answer your question, but this is how id do it if i were only on long acting.

For me I consider 60s after a rigorous exercise just about perfect as long as there is no rapid acting insulin working during that time frame. In that situation for me, 15g if carbs would cause a rapid spike… If I planned to continue exercising I’d probably only have a small snack of relatively slower acting carbs… Maybe half a cup of milk for example… Also might be helpful to take into consideration your pre-workout levels too-- for example if your pre-exercise levels are in the 80s and 60s afterward it might be worth dialing down your pm lantus dose a little bit on nights before your workouts if you can stay balanced. It’s all trial and error til u find what works

I will try decreasing my nighttime lantus. I am around 200 BS preclass. We do about 5 laps, aerobics and do weights in the pool so it is a great workout. Thanks ,nancy

Well if your levels are that high before your workout I don’t think I’d recommend decreasing your lantus. Sounds like you found a great healthy way to substantially lower your levels though… Now the name of the game is just fine tuning how to use that to keep them right in your target zone