Managing Type-1b Diabetes with Addison's


Adrenal / Addison’s was the cause, loss of blood pressure. I crashed face down, destroyed my face & glasses.

(BG was 200)


Thank goodness you weren’t working with power tools at the time. You still prone to syncope? Like, would you feel comfortable working with power tools or on a roof, now? Did they release you with broken ribs? We’re you in agony?

Do your local ambulance guys know you? Do you know them? Have you ever gone down to the fire station and introduced yourself? You can do that, ya’ know.

This book is getting more interesting, but I feel like I’m missing a lot of details. BOOK! BOOK! BOOK!


BOOK?How-za 'bout a mini encyclopedia, or a series of books?

-1- I had just turned and started walking by my table saw, from my blade runner saw towards my band saw, when the syncope hit. My vision field went to black, slowly (relatively speaking), not nearly as fast as when that nurse injected a Lantus overdose directly into a vein.

My visual field went to black, starting at the bottom (I think it was? blood pressure drop,), and faded upwards. The last thing I recall, before coming to on the floor, was a bright green object hanging on my tool/jig peg-wall, about 6-7 ft away. I have since laid down floor mats to soften the landing. maybe next time, I will not need a landing pad…for a spell.

When I regained consciousness, fairly quickly I think. I was bloody, soaked in yeller aqua, and needed to crawl ASAP to my basement bathroom to relieve my bowels. ( I barely made it)

-2- No power tools were damaged, abused, neglected or bullied or intimidated in any way, by this syncope episode. I was between using a couple power tools, so they were not running at the moment of syncope.

-3A- Ambulance crew:…Oh they KNOW me, & where my house is by now, 4 sure!
When I fell in my driveway, Jan,19, 2012, the FD & ambulance drove right past us. My wife had to call 911 back & tell them. How could they have missed us? I mean with all the bright lights, my wife standing over me, and I was laying on the driveway cement in clear sight!

-3B- We live at the bottom of a hill where 2 roads dead end togather. My wife told them we were exactly at where the 2 streets meet. Every year we have vehicles slide down, off the end, & sharp curve, at the bottom of the hill, hitting trees, or road sign or zig-zag into our drive/yard. There is another house across from ours, It looks vacant 24/7, they even have their windows blacked out, and no outside lights. Contrast that with our house with several daylight floods on our house & garage, plus we were in clear line of sight from the street. Heck their headlight shined on me, as they turned the corner at the bottom of the hill.

-3C- That was just the beginning of a comedy of blunders. Oh I was in PAIN, it took several EMS responders just to get me on a back-board. Then at ER, I got the X-ray crew from HELL (not the 1+hr away, Hell Michigan, much nicer community). They ordered me to go from the gurney to a table, supposedly for better images. I was in such PAIN I could not. They did a half-arsed X-ray, and declaired there were no broken bones. I was given a muscle relaxer & sent home with FIVE DISPLACED FRACTURED RIBS.

-3D- 2 days later, Jan 21, I had been in my La-Z-Boy since the second I got back home, & had not moved. I use a jar as my port-0-let, like I said I was still in PAIN. My mellow yellow output turned DARK! (brown in color) Did my front tube and rear pipe somehow get crossed? I had learned, from TV medical shows, that very dark urine was a sign of kidney failure. 2 of my adult goats/kids tried to get me up from my La-Z-Boy, but could not. We had to call the meat-wagon (Ambulance) again. This time they KNEW EXACTLY where we were. I grabbed that piddle jar, with the brown water to ride with me to ER.

-3E- First thing I did upon arrival in ER was to show them what my kidneys were putting out. Hey, the TV show I learned that dark urine was a sign of kidney failure, was RIGHT ON! (must’a had good medical consultants). I was whisked right off to X-ray. Same exact room & equipment, but a far better X-ray crew. They left me on the gurney, & wheeled me over to a wall mounted X-ray machine that was there 2 days earlier. They had NO problems seeing the 5 displaced fractured ribs, what the H311, a toy X-ray should have been able to find them, I mean the broken ends of the broken ribs were not even near alignment! Nor should even a 5th grader, glancing at the pictures, not see it was NOT RIGHT. I spent about a week in the HORSEpital on CANDY (morphine), & IVs etc to get my kidneys back on-line.

PS they did NOT check for any further damage… like to my left adrenal… dumb arses.

The fiascos I suffer thru, time and again, are so off base, no one could make up better stories. In other words, real, unadulterated TRUTH, really is stranger than fiction.

Hopefully as long as I am treating my Addison’s nicely, I will not have a sequel syncope


Gives me chills to imagine. You are rural Michigan, eh? Its good that they know who you are, at least. That helps.


Rural? You can stand with one foot in my yard, and the other foot inside city limits. Population was over 50K a few decades ago, but it’s down to about 35k these days. Our tallest building is only about 14 or 15 stories. We have two large state universities within just over 40 miles radius.

Naw I do not consider my abode being in a rural area…


OK, I can infer where you live, then, perhaps. I am a neighbor in a state west of you.


Wow, I have passed out 3 or 4 times due to low blood pressure. When I regained consciousness the last time, my blood pressure was 74/38. Each time I hit my head, but was not really hurt. Man, do I feel fortunate.


If you have any warning signs like vision starting to disappear (due to sudden and severe low blood pressure) or anything like that, the best you can do is immediately sit down. At that point, nothing can be done to stop it.

As you state, the biggest risk from passing out is head injury when falling.

You really are very fortunate not to have suffered bad head injuries.


The first time I tried to test thinking I was hypoglycemic, I wasn’t and the next thing I knew I was down. The second and third times I made it to a chair and still ended up on the floor.

I researched my problem and discovered that this can happen to seniors, if we don’t sit on the side of the bed before getting up. Most of the time I remember to do that.


Well, it sure was not my BG (hypo), my BG was an even 200!

That syncope Feb 28 last year was my first ever! I had no idea what was happening, at the time.

Next time, I hope there is none, if I see my vision field starts doing a movie/tv/scene shade-fade, or similar, I will have maybe 1-2 seconds (aka 100-200 jiffies, a single jiffy is 1/100 of a second) to get down!, or clear of objects to be avoided in a fall.


Wow - I’ve been having the same issue since December. I’ve fallen and hit my head (passed out) twice now, the first time there was a lot of blood. Have already seen my GP - she shrugged and referred me to a specialist next week.

I’ve had a auto-immune mediated motor neuropathy that may be related, or it could be explained as an autonomic neuropathy (common with long-term T1’s).

Whatever it is, I need it fixed. Many mornings I can’t stand up and walk (even with a cane) without passing out.


Jim, your syncope episodes sound really serious. If I sit on the side of the bed for just 15 seconds I am good to go. My cardiologist wasn’t alarmed at all and said it was pretty common for those of us who are 65+. I never thought of it as being related to diabetes, but who knows.


If your in a situation where standing up makes you pass out, thats often a blood pressure thing. You might be able to tell, if you feel light headed and sitting back down, or laying down helps. You kinda got to sit/lay down, when its BP, otherwise your body will make you do it by force. Ask for them to do an orthostatic blood pressure check, maybe. Easy thing to rule out if thats not it.


Precisely. The question has become what is causing the postural (orthostatic) hypotension? My GP had no idea, hence the referral to a specialist.

Laying down or sitting back when this happens is not an option as it occurs throughout the day and I still work. Needless to say this is a challenge.


Doesn’t work for me. When my vision starts to fade, I am already thinking too slowly to do much before I hit the floor or the ground. I almost always fall backwards, though, so usually not much damage if any. These days, I cannot get up after such a fall without help, so there was time to check my blood pressure, and find that it was about 90/60 at such times. Apparently due to too strong a medicine for reducing my blood pressure.


@Robert_Miles I know exactly how you feel.

If I lean agains a high counter I can get a BP when I stand up. I’m sure its even lower if there’s no counter balance



I don’t remember the exact timeline of all my medical conditions, but I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 in preschool (a little over 30 years ago), then a seizure disorder somewhere in high school, and then Addison’s a couple years later. Obviously nobody wants any of these, but the one that was the hardest to recognize & diagnose was definitely Addison’s. We have tried for many years to make me gain weight, but I am still only about 110. And although we have (a majority of the time, I will not try to claim I never have highs or lows) managed to keep my Diabetes under good control, and reduced my seizures by a large amount (currently only a couple a year), I still sometimes have problems. But before I was diagnosed with Addison’s, it was hard to keep any of these under control. When I lived in the dorms at college, going to the ER was almost part of my schedule. And it was much harder to control my BGs, because I felt almost the same whether I was 40 or 400. Diagnosing the Addison’s probably had almost as big an effect on my life as being diagnosed with the others, because without diagnosing it, who knows whether I would have a life at all (whether just being unable to do anything, or maybe dead, what do you interpret no life to mean?)!