Many T1 Diabetics Have Eye Protection

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Sorry, I'm not Special there either. I had PR in my left eye, 22 years after being dxd. with Diabetes. After years of ups and downs with only urine testing and then going into a 3 day Coma, I had laser to repair it a couple years later. My eyes are still in stable condition now though due to mainly better control.

Hi Terri, it is good to hear from you. I am pleased that your ees are stable now.

I have had T1 for 26 years and I have no complications except for a frozen shoulder which may or may not be from diabetes.

I posted in another thread that there was a Mouse study done maybe 8-10 years ago that injected One group of t1 mice with human insulin and one croup with the same human insulin plus equal doses of Human C-peptide.

The results were overwhelming. The Control group that got the C-peptide had almost no complications at the end of the study where the control group had complications in line with the usual course of mice diabetes.

There is absolutely a link, but I think it is only part of the story.

AND actually if you were taking Novolin it had C-peptide in it well into the 90's until the Patent for HUMULIN ran out.
They somehow altered the structure of Pork insulin with Rdna,

Then they started making pure recombinant DNA Human insulin very much like Humulin. There was no C-peptide after that.

The old school explanation for C-peptide was that it was a byproduct of insulin production. Even though it is created in equal volumes to insulin when produced by non-diabetics.

Weather you believe in natural selection or Intelligent design. Our bodies systems rarely work that hard to make something where 50% of it is a useless byproduct.

I am completely convinced that it functions in ways we don't understand yet.

Thanks ,Timothy. I took Novolin well into the ninteies, until 1995, 1996, until they did not make it anymore. So that would up my c-peptide infused insulin usage to almost 30 years...
. this is quite interesting.All of My doctors are not convinced the that some of tne mild neuropathic symptoms that I do have are directly due to diabetes. The back pain and stiffness , the pressure point pain have been called anything/everything from fibromyalgia to spinal stenosis to arthrtitis. I do stretching exercises, and try for tighter control which helps with the tingling. I see the chiropractor,acupuncturist or massage therapist on ocassion, and all is ok, no other so-called diabetes complications. ... Please post the link to that study again.

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I want to thank you too, Timothy! I find that study to be very interesting. I have spent a lot of time researching C-peptide, and what it does fo humans, and what it could also do for type 1 diabetics.

Interesting I took Novolin 70/30 mix well into the 90's did that particular mixture contain C-peptides as well?