67'th Diaversary

Yesterday, Sept 15, was my 67'th diaversary. Still no complications except for mild nerve damage. I hope the research being done on long term T1D's in Boston will explain why some of us are so lucky to have lived so long, and be so healthy.

The research in Boston is attempting to find why us long term, healthy type 1 diabetics have been so successful. I participated in that research in 2009. The research is ongoing, and began in 2005. There have been almost 800 participants thus far. They have found several interesting things so far. Some of us still have small amounts of insulin production, after all these years. There is also some mysterious inner protection that we possess that protects us against eye and kidney damage, and other nerve based damage. It was found that that protection does not help our hearts, many participant have had heart attacks, bypasses, etc. I attended a meeting of approximately 100 participants in June, 2011, at Joslin. None of us looked at all overweight. That is a definite plus.

Well Hello Mr. Richard. Long time no see. :)

67 D years. That is Fantastic! Sounds like you are feeling good also. Wonderful!

***CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 67th D-Anniversary Richard!!***

I like, I like , I like ...very empowering and more to learn from YOU :)

Congratulations! It's the healthy gene that got triggered! And the workaholic in you that took action when you needed to! And the happy smile that always said Thank you and Let me help you to others! Many more happy years, Richard!

Happy Diaversary Richard! You are a true inspiration to me and many other diabetics.

Awesome! What a tribute. Thanks for sharing your success.

Congratulations, Richard.. I am so proud of you and happy for you. I am so interested in you, your life,as well as the research you are taking part in at the Joslin Diabetes Center. I, too am a healthy long term (43 years) type 1 diabetic with minimal complications. Can I get in on the study , or do you have to have had diabetes for 50 years or more? You know I come to Boston every year or so to Massachusetts General Hospital to take part in the study at the Faustman Lab..Could I be in two studies ? Hope you do not mind me asking, when all I have to do is go to the website..But you are so wonderful about sharing your great experiences and knowledge base, I might as well ask you :+)

God bless,

Congratulations! Your post and story are inspiring to me and my 12 year old (T1) daughter. Also, I appreciate that you've taken the time to participate in this study that is sure to help those coming along behind you.

Congfeads Richard ur my hero!

Congratulations, Richard! And thank you for participating in research that will help those of us following you to live better lives.

Hi Brunetta, you are welcome to ask me questions anytime you want.

The study is called the Joslin Medalist Study, and you can Google those three words to research it. Only medalists with 50 or more years of type 1 are allowed to participate.

I am pleased to hear that you are participating in Dr Faustman's study!!!

Happy d-versary Richard! (a bit belated) You are certainly an inspiration. I wish you many more years of health and happiness :)

richard youre my D hero! congrats on your 67 years with D in good health!

Your story has always given me much hope for good health and well being for my 4yr old T1. I am pleased to hear you are doing so great with 67 years of D experience. That being said, I am equally hopeful that my daughter will never have to celebrate that same milestone. Here's to you, your success, and the hope for a cure. Congratulations, Richard.

congrats richard! good for you, i wish you many more healthy & happy years.

Thanks to all of my friends!! I appreciate your comments!

And I was proud of 50... WAY TO GO, Richard. I wish you the very best, always!

Congrats on your diaversary Richard. I enjoy reading your posts and am encouraged to learn you have only mild nerve damage after so many years. From your lead I sent the Joslin my discharge papers from 1975 at the Floating Hospital in Boston, they have since sent me my 25 year certificate and I am now in their database. I hope to be asked to participate in their research at some point in the future. Continued good health.

67 years is awesome. Keep up the good work!

Congrats on 67!

I only have 11 years to go before I will qualify for the Joslin study ...