MDI vs. Pump

Thought I'd post this to see what results come up. Thus, I'm wondering on MDI vs. Pump, how many shots you give per day, mainly correction shots vs. how many times a day you're correcting (bolus) on a pump and/or having to do a manual injection with a pump (bolus) correction.


When I was on shots it wasn't unusual for me to do 8-10 per day between meals and corrections and basal.

On the pump I probably bolus 4-6 times per day, but some days are more if I'm running high.

I probably end up doing a correction shot at least a few times a month. I am trying to get more consistent about correcting highs via shot. Many people correct with an injection if they are above a certain number like 11 mmol/L. I do have problems with allergies and infusion sets so have a much higher rate of set failure than a lot of pumpers.

I was up to 10 or more shots a day between my basal insulin, bolus insulin for meals/snacks, and corrections.

Now that I'm on the pump I find it much easier to just bolus on the run, and because I've been fortunate and not had many infusion set problems I can use my insulin pump to correct the highs without any issues. I bolus once per meal, and then again probably once or twice a day for correction depending on if I've eaten a new food or not.

Since I've started on the pump I have never had to do a correction shot manually, there was only one time that I had to go temporarily off pump and I had to manually inject insulin.

I didn't usually keep track but I did all sorts of little correction shots to. 8-10 doesn't sound unreasonable. I didn't know about carb counting but generally bolused when I ate or my BG was up. I also tried splitting my large NPH shot (25-30 units, I was not ever really very precise either...) into 5 or 6 shots to see if it would help it work more smoothly but that was only during the maybe 5-6 weeks between when I asked for a pump and when I got it.

I'm on MDI. 1 shot evening basil, lunch and dinner bolus and once in awhile 1 correction bolus. I very rarely bolus for breakfast, I work out in the am that keeps numbers down. I'm not a snacker and eat moderately low carb.