Medical Alert Bracelets: Do you wear one?

I used to but now I don’t b/c I try and tell everyone around me I’m a diabetic even the strangers. I know I’m a little backwards on answering the questions but no I haven’t had the bracelet help me when I did wear it. Mime was from MedicAlert too.

In Australia we have the medi alert bracelets and pendants, but Diabetes Australia also put out a rubbery/plastic wrist band with the word diabetic on it and you can even wear in the shower, swimming or doing anything. Mine never leaves my wrist. The ambulance driver where I live told me they dont look for bracelets or pendants for they can come off in an accident, I also have the pendant itself pinned to the front of my bra. He told me the first thing they do is expose the chest to place heart monitors on, hence seeing the pendant. Hope this helps

Thank you!! I am VERY happy with the way it turned out :slight_smile:

When you get yours make sure to show us!!!

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I really should get one. I am constantly putting myself in situations where a hypoglycaemic attack could be quite dangerous!!! eg out in the middle of nowhere by myself.

I read an article in Diabetes Health about a 16 year old that started this company and produced pretty nice IDs - Evasion ID

I wear ID. I used to have a bracelet with the emergency star in elementary school, but when I had a hypoglycemic episode The medics didnt even notice it. I am myself an EMT and although I do take the extra few seconds looking for an ID, in the heat of the moment it is easy to overlook such things. What I switched to are Military Dog Tags. I figure that mostly everyone recognizes them as a form of ID and I have “Type I Diabetic” on them as well as name and stuff. Luckily haven’t ran into any medical problems recently where they were needed but I hope that they would help in an emergency. Honestly, they cost me about $10 or so and I put red ‘silencers’ on them so they stand out. Plus, I ordered two sets so the two tags I wear have different Info on them.

Hi Jaime. Yes, I wear a Medic Alert dog tag. I am T2 with hypertension. I used to wear the bracelet, but when I began working in a hospital it became a real pain in the butt. It used to get caught on stuff and then I couldn’t wear it when I was mixing IV’s. Wearing the dog tag is very discreet since it can be worn under your clothes. It was fairly cheap, too.

I’m in Kirsten’s camp. I wear one. Medic Alert specifically, but I hated the sterile nature of their basic stuff and wasn’t into the really fancy stuff they offer, let alone paying the price for it. I have just a small silver bracelet tag, I cut off the chain and I use a leather bracelet from Lauren’s Hope.

But, I’ve got to say, that tat’s a great idea. As a former EMT and a current Ski Patroller, I know that rescue workers don’t always look for medic alert jewelry on scene, even though we’re trained to do so. Finding ‘disguised’ jewelry is even less likely. But the inner wrist is right where someone’s libel to take a pulse sooner or later and it’ll be seen. Great idea.

I wear a MedicAlert necklace. The one I have is black and looks like a dog tag.

i never wore them because they were all so unattractive and plain, but a couple of years ago i decided to poke around the net and see if i could find one i’d like to wear. i found a site where you can customize the bracelet or necklace you have and it is a really pretty silver charm bracelet that i actually enjoy having. i found it here:

i’ve never needed my bracelet to identify my medical needs, but that because there’s always been someone with me who is able to speak on my behalf. it is a nice thing to have on though, because there have been times when i’ve been alone and have had to deal with my health issues on my own.

I have medic alert so far so good i have the neckless and it has sameve me from medication erros from the rn’s and ect they are a good choice for pepole like me that they are on the road the good thing about medic alert they have your record when a EMS or a doctor calls even healthcare provider info. so that would it be a good investment.

I wear a Medic Alert bracelet. I don’t like the boring basic one, although that was my first. I now have one that looks like a Tiffany bracelet. I like it alot. It doesn’t have that Medic Alert feel but it does it’s job.

I've got the gold Medic-Alert bracelet - the standard $79.95 football-shaped one. As a kid, I had the stainless steel one with bright red lettering, but then I decided I wanted something a bit more attractive. I wear it on my right wrist, my watch is on my left. Other than during a rebelious period in my teenage years, I've always worn it. I take it off to shower and when I play hockey (how ironic!) but that's about it. I do have to say that the clasp is pretty awkward, and the links that connect the pendant to the chain are always getting bent out of shape and getting caught on things - sometimes the bracelet goes flying as a result and I need to get out the ol' toolbox to fix those two end links.

Many times, I’ve reached into my pocket for something and the bracelet gets stuck on the inside of my pocket, then I have to fidget around try to break free. I can only imagine what people think I’m doing when they see that! Quite embarrassing.

I think I’m due for a new one. Still a bracelet though. I’ve just grown accustomed to it, and I think EMT’s are accustomed to seeing them (fortunately I’ve never had to rely on it). Personally, I’d never even consider a tattoo, but that’s just me.

Yes. I wear one. And yes, it was helpful last year when I passed out in the grocery store. :S

I got mine at

It’s a plain, very adult looking sterling silver bracelet.

I do ware a Medic Alert neckless for 37 years and have never needed it but id is worth every penny I spend for the safty I get mine from

Yes I do. Been wearing on for years. I have some drug allergies as well as diabetes. When I trained to be a paramedic, one of the things that was stressed was to look for Medic Alert. Lots of people failed assessments because they did not look. I do feel safer with one.

Thanks for all the replies–I’m sure to find something that i like. =]

I took my son for his 17th bday and let him get a tattoo of the Caduceus with the word DIABETIC underneath it. It is on the inside of his left wrist and is about 3-4 inches. He is a Type 1 Diabetic who plays lots of sports and hates wearing ID bracelets or necklaces.

Hey Jaime,

I found mine at my local pharmacy but my first was handed to me by doctor before leaving the hospital. There are several place that you can order them on line these days. I am an emergency medical provider and 911 dispatcher I think every diabetic should have one. There are many of times that we arrive on the scene and they are unconscious. If there is no family or friends that know they are diabetic it takes a few minutes longer to get that figured out. Sure it is maybe the difference of 2-3 mins but as we all know seconds can make a difference.