Medical Alert Bracelets: Do you wear one?

I’ve had diabetes for 5 years, and I have always worn a diabetic medical alert bracelet.

So, first of all – Do you wear some form of medical alert jewelry, and has it helped you at all in a medical emergency?

And second – Does anyone know a good place to buy them? I ask my doctors but they always give me a little booklet that has bracelets styled for little kids. Ugh.

I have been a diabetic for 9 years and have never worn a medic alert braclet. I know I should, but I pay enough for all my meds, I don’t want to pay that much for an ugly braclet. I know that’s a cop out - but they really are ugly for the price you have to pay for them. I read somewhere on this website that someone was going to/or did have a tatoo of the medic alert symbol. I actually think that is a great idea and I am seriously considering doing that.

I have worn a Medic Alert bracelet off & on in my life. The cost is not that much to join but to get a really nice bracelet it is. I have had the gold $60.00 bracelet twice in my life but eventually it gets all worn & black, etc. I would really like to spend the $600 for the designer gold bracelets so that it will last forever BUT it just has not happened …

Hence … I like the ideas of the Medical Alert but figure it something happens, now the paramedics should at least see I am wearing a pump :slight_smile:

Personally I do not where one unless I am out by myself exercising. I got my bracelet from ROAD ID they have some good products and they are not very expensive.


I also use Medic-Alert. I used it when I was a kid (not my choice), and then went years and years without any ID. Within the last year, I rejoined. They keep all my medical history and prescriptions on file so if I couldn’t relay that info myself, it could be easily accessed. I have a plain stainless steel bracelet, and a nylon sports band one.

I’m not into jewelry really - just too lazy to be bothered - so I don’t care that it’s utilitarian looking. It’ll serve its purpose should I need it, and that’s all that matters to me. I know some people look for fancier, more jewelry-ish ones, but the EMT I asked about it said they don’t necessarily examine every piece of jewelry to see if it’s a medical ID in disguise. I wanted something that is obviously medical ID.

I’ve had several over the years.
My husband just got me a pretty one from I have one with the toggle clasp that’s easy to get on and off. Mine was $70 bucks but I love it and wear it every day so I think its money well spent.
There are also some other sites listed in the group discussion section of the Women and Diabetes group here on TuDiabetes.

I’ve had several over the years.
My husband just got me a pretty one from I have one with the toggle clasp that’s easy to get on and off. Mine was $70 bucks but I love it and wear it every day so I think its money well spent.
There are also some other sites listed in the group discussion section of the Women and Diabetes group here on TuDiabetes.

I wear one…I have several…to fit my mood/activities. I love the sports bands. But my grilfriend, single, was certainly glad to have hers, when she was rushed to the hospital and they called her endo and PCP, and were able to give intructions to avert a major hospital stay as they had all ther current dosing instruscitons, etc…

Also called me (her emergency contact) so she had a ride home when released fromn the ER and such…was a small price to pay for that.

I got the medical alert symbol tattooed on the inside of my wrist. It looks cool and I get a lot of positive comments on it, but it is a painful spot for a tattoo. I also wear a bracelet in case the emergency pros don’t see the tat.

Hey i agree with that idea. It makes alota sense. MedID bracelets should never be made like jewerly. They are ment to “Identify”.

Yes, I wear one & pretty much always have. My parents got me a Medicalert when I was young, and I upgraded to a different style when I moved out. I do have it on, though - except at night in bed. After my first instance of hypoglycemic unawareness in the car, I for sure knew I needed it. That was one thing the highway patrol said - seeing the bracelet made them believe I might be physically impaired vs. ‘just drunk’.

I know I’m a little late but I figured I would chime in anyway…I only really started wearing mine again when I started on the pump. My CDE was very prominant in making sure I wore one. I wore it in highschool…but it was like glued to me so…I have four bracelets from Lauren’s Hope. It is a great website and was founded by a teenager who wanted “pretty” medical jewelry.…hope it helps

I have a tattoo on my inner right wrist. I am bad at wearing jewelry so this was the best solution for me! A lot of people ask me if it hurt to have it done there and I have to honestly say it didn’t. It had it’s moments of uncomfortableness but it really didn’t hurt!

I just started wearing a necklace since getting a pump and I love it. Bought it from an online place called Sticky Jewelry. You can see it and go to their site on my blog.


LOVE LOVE LOVE your ink. I celebrated my 34th b-day in June and told my hubby I wanted a tattoo quite similar to yours. I plan on getting it within the next few weeks.

I’ve had diabetes for 24 years and probably gone through thousands of dollars in jewelry. I’m tired of losing them and/or breaking them. A tattoo just seems like the best choice for me. Plus, it fits my personality.


I have worn one all my diabetic life - I also use Medic Alert. My mom took one of my old bracelets and cut the chain off and made some beautiful bands of glass beads that just hook onto the plate part of the bracelet - they’re really sturdy and hold up to just about anything (I shower with them, sleep, work out, play with kids) and are such a nice change after years of the same silver band!

I have been D for over 44 years and my Medic Alert has saved my life during a severe hypo at least 2x that I can remember. I wear my bracelet all the time.

Hi Jaime,

When I first joined this community I asked a similar question, here is a link to the question and responses.

BTW, I still don’t wear anything but have an Emergency Alert card in may wallet now right behind my drivers license. I also carry my ID and alert card when I’m out cycling in case someone finds me on the side of the road. I’m not a big fan of any jewelry let alone the cheesy stuff from Medic Alert, I was thinking about just getting a tatoo of it on my wrist. I still might, I’ll keep you posted!!!

Keep me posted! I’m strongly leaning that way, it would be my first tatoo. :slight_smile:

I have old MedicAlert bracelets and necklaces that I haven’t worn in forever b/c I don’t really like them anymore. But from other fellow diabetics I found a site (which was already mentioned) and I bought 2 bracelets from there that I alternate wearing all the time. If you like jewelry, they have some great stuff! They were a little costly but worth it to me.