Medical bag waiver with Ryan air and emirates

Has anyone called Ryanair to request a medical waiver for a medical bag? Were they difficult and what do they ask you? Is there a specific size for the bag you must meet?

And do you require to send them a medical letter from your doctor at the time of the request or do they just tell you to have one on hand in case you are asked at the gate . I don’t see my doctor until later but I want to apply for it now in case it’s a long process.

I couldn’t find anything with emirates on medical bag, does anyone have experience with emirates and what their policy is?

Does airline have a website? If so, check there for restrictions and medical exceptions.

In US, it is Security that makes the rules.

I’m sure I can bring the medical supplies, my question is more on having an extra bag without cost. I think this is specific to the airlines and have nothing to do w TSA.

Already checked the websites, just after people’s experiences so I can have the right info available when applying

@MM1 .

In the USA, what you can bring is TSA limited. It is up to the airlines to decide whether the Med Bag is exempt or not.

PLEASE Please don’t get me started on the TSA on what you can carry on or not. 1st it was jelled ice packs for the insulin. Now it’s battery powered refrigerators bottles. Trick is, ask for their name and badge #. If you go in to insulin shock. You’ll sue them.

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