Medical kanipsh!t

I am having a kanipshit.

It used up my whole day to go to a stupid medical appointment, only for them to schedule 3 more appointments (which will eat up 3 more days) so that they can try and re-diagnose me with a chronic condition (not diabetes) that I have had all my life. I simply do not have that kind of time.

I don’t have the time and I am not going to do it. I am in full on non-compliance mode. They can do whatever they want to me. Let chaos rein!!!

I curse you, Medical Industrial Complex. I curse you to hell.


It’s about making money. Disgusting.

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Are they trying to diagnose you with something in addition to diabetes.

Do you think there is a valid reason for additional testing. If not the choice to undergo this test is yours. Last I heard we are still the masters of our own destiny.

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They can make my destiny a difficult one. This is me trying to get a signature on the diabetes form to keep my drivers license. An appointment today was for the epilepsy.
Its just that I lived so long without an epil diagnosis that I am almost 40 and have never taken meds for that. I already have an epil diagnosis. It seems unnecessary to see someone or take meds at this point. It also seems unnecessary to get an MRI and another EEG clear across town. I already know what they will show. I have a diagnosis.

I just saw The Lighthouse. It really hit the spot. Really channeled my feelings about seeing a 2nd specialist.


You say you have an epil diagnosis than you say you don’t have one in your message.

I see your conundrum. Why is it suddenly necessary for you to go thru this testing if your epil symptoms have not changed.

I suspect it is only to satisfy the bureaucrats at driver license bureaucracy. That does make this a hard pill to swallow.

Sorry. I have.

I got a new endo. He isn’t comfortable with the epil because he’s an endo. He asked me to see an epil Doc that he trusts. I think his motives are reasonable. But, the location is difficult to get to - a three hour bus ride, so I have to drive. The insurance company can’t find an endo to work at my neighborhood clinic since my previous endo left. I had my last, stable endo for ten years. Since then, no one long term.

The state doesn’t require me to submit paperwork for the epil because its not severe enough - just the type 1 diabetes. But, that is bad enough. Look at the hoops starting to line up that I need to jump through. They can’t schedule an MRI and an EEG on the same day, so that’s 2 more appointments, plus an additional one to have the epil Doc respond to the results. Test results will be the same as all previous. However, her response to them may differ from previous Docs. She says, “If you have epil, you must take medications.” Epil is defined as having more than 1 seizure in ones lifetime (not attributable to type 1). But, if you only have a seizure once every 3-10 years, then how do you even verify that the meds are working? There are too many potential side effects. The cure is worse than the disease. I do not know one single epileptic in real life that takes medications. I believe that the medication side effects stand a real chance of rendering me unable to work.

This is like playing with fire. I do not trust the machine that is at work. I know what the machine builds - great & insurmountable obstacles.

Medical appointments could sure be made easier, huh? I hate that it takes time to get there, waaaait to be seen, wait in the exam room, visit with the physican for 5 minutes, then get all the way home. Every few months, at least, for my entire life. It sucks.

Also - did you mean “conniption”??

Hi Mohe. My husband use to have seizures when he got really low blood sugars but no longer as he is on medication for epilepsy.

Those are scary.

I could tell you stories about these crazy scheduling tons of appointments.

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I think Mohe used poetic license but his
Spelling is similar to an Urban Dictionary spelling with a twist.

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@mohe001 I see your conundrum, it seems like opening a can of worms when the worms don’t need to go anywhere right now.

From the doctors viewpoint they want to see what is going on. From your viewpoint you are the same and don’t need to change anything so why? Both valid opinions.

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Hm there are so many errors in that definition (and, it’s Urban Dictionary) that I don’t think that’s worth a grain of salt :laughing:

I hear ya. Just trying to find a fun happy medium.:woozy_face::grin:

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Lol, of course :smiley:

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Where I grew up it was “Conniption Fit”:


Sorry you’re dealing with this. I have no advice and wish that I did. I have been lucky to have no complications getting my driver’s form completed by my endo but I still find it stressful and I am not sure that it accomplishes anything.

I think you are in MN, Laddie. There is work going on to pull down those requirements. ADA is here from Denver working on it. Work will resume this session, I believe. Until then, they have pulled down MNLARS completely.

Yes, I am in Minnesota—southern suburb of Minneapolis. I just received my new enhanced license and that took an incredible amount of documentation to get. My diabetes form was completed in the spring. I should be free of DMV hassles for a while.


Its gonna take 3 separate appointments to get on a functioning BP med (I know that because I already tried and it didn’t work). The dentist wants me to quit smoking and I have 2 unfilled cavities. But, it took 3 months just to get a cleaning completed.

All in all, I just don’t see how this works. I am relatively young and healthy. It is all completely unmanageable. I feel like I should just be in a group home and just make a full time job of going to appointments.

I really connected with that movie scene where the guy beats the seagull to death. Thats what its like to live inside medicine. Medicine is a lighthouse full of terrible squawking seagulls. They fly in from all angles making unreachable demands. Or, perhaps my BG is just low and I am irritable.

All in all, I have 12 appointments to make. Or, perhaps, I just beat the seagulls to death.