Medicare and Test Strips

I’ve constantly been turned down by medicare for test strips. They stated I was denied because there was no equipment on file that uses test strips.

I got my doctor to prescribe a glucose meter from Walgreens. They didn’t charge for it, but it gave me documentation that I had a glucose meter.

I disputed the charge. I just received the results from the dispute saying that Medicare doesn’t cover test strips.

I just downloaded the medicare bulletin that states they do cover test strips. I guess I need to dispute the dispute.

I’m sure you have had similar frustrations with Medicare. It bad enough to have to deal with type 1 diabetes. It far more frustrating when you have to deal with Medicare too.


Do you have a CGM? Basic Medicare is not covering test strips if you’re using a Dexcom G6 because it is approved for dosing insulin. I think it is the same if you’re using a Libre. If you are not using a CGM you should have test strip coverage under Medicare.

Even if you use a dexcom you can get your doc to order them separately. They just don’t come bundled anymore.
I remember this was a big deal when g6 first came out.

Most Medicare people are unable to get test strips regardless of whether doctor has prescribed them. I have enough hoarded strips that I don’t need them at this point so it is currently “not my issue.” So I am only reporting what many seniors on Facebook report.

Yeah, Medicare is definitely a big p-i-t-a. Not having a CGM, I test about 8 times a day, and once every six months I have to do a log proving that I test that many times. Even then, sometimes I have to call Medicare and remind them that my doctor sent in the log.

Medicare and now Medicare Advantage have always covered my test strips. I use Contour Next Strips for which my doc needs to provide an annual authorization letter stated they are the only strips that work with my 670 G pump In order to be approved.

I also recall a number of years ago, I had to provide a month’s record of testing results.

I wonder if different regions have different rules

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Where are you located? It seems that NY has different rules.


I am a type 2 and my strips are covered 4 a day. I test more so I buy my own on Amazon. I am on trulicity and tresiba and can not get a Freestyle Libre. Nancy50

What State are you located in?