Medicare and the medtronic CGM


mine is taking 6-8 days to arrive vs the normal overnight…not sure why its sits there myself. i just figured out how to use my g4 with the animas pump as im running on the medtronic 630G now


Hi Amy. I have the G630 pump also. I am hoping I figure out the best way to use the Dexcom. And where to wear on the body. I would like to use the little fat pads on the back above waist. I used to wear Omni pod there and it was out of the way. Where do you wear? Thanks for responding. Need all the help I can get


i wear mine on my stomach…i alternate between each side with both. so that way im good…i rotate on one side with the pump while i have the dexcom on the other side. then i switch when i can so that way the side that was the pump becomes the cgm :slight_smile:


Mmm. But the cgm lasts longer so do you keep the pump on one side until cgm is ready to be changed? Will be a trial and error for me. Thanks for being there for us newbies


its a trial and error. with the pump side i do rotate until it matches up to switch sides. i do it in a circle pattern or a line pattern.


I wear my Dexcom on my belly, off to the side. When I was using my belly for my OmniPod, I rotated sides, doing a clock-wise rotation and moving it around on each side too. As I’m lucky to typically get 21+ days from one sensor, both Dexcom and OmniPod were often on the same side. I didn’t notice any problem doing it that way.


youve done it on one side? i wished i could figure out how to do that so that way im not having both side being used lol…i was taught that you use one side for the sensor and the other for the infusion set


I was never told differently, so that’s just how it worked out. I use a Tegaderm dressing under my sensor, so the pod is always at least that distance from the dressing and Dex is in the center of the dressing. One time the edge of the pod overlapped and I panicked thinking I would have to take the sensor out early, let alone get 21+ days! When it was time to change pods, I cut the dressings edge that was caught by the pod tape, to set the pod free, and then taped the edge of the Tegaderm dressing down tightly! LOL It worked and Dex gave me my normal use.


Hi Tapestry. Have you ever tried the little fat pads on your back above the waist? When I had an Omni Pod it was my favorite place. May be difficult to insert. Will try after I get some experience using the Dexcom. Thank you for you help. Just got the device today and will insert tomorrow. Wish me luck :blush:


You’ll do great!

I’ll have to give that site a try. Thanks!


Well all inserted. Was easier that I made up in my active imagination. Did not hurt at all. Can’t even feel it. Thanks all for the support.


Wonderful! Glad to hear it!


So not happy already. Dexcom said 119 and steady. Got home and meter said 136. Now Dexcom says 131. So my feeling is you can’t trust that arrow? I called and he said it was in the range of difference. My ratio is 6:1 so I would cover more for 136. Ugh! Am I being too picky?


there will be a difference…mine gives a range…so when i put the level into the CGM it will be at a certain range. as long as it isnt too too high off then your fine. at least in my opinion


A bit. You’ll get the hang of it. You’re in the warm up/calibration period. It may take a day or so before the numbers will be in range. Although, percentage wise, 119 to 136 isn’t too far off. While you’re getting used to it and with the G5 (I hear there are no calibrations for the G6) when you’ve just inserted it (24 or so hours), trust your meter and how you feel.


Thanks for listening. I am admittedly OCD about my numbers. Will relax or at least try.



I am using the Dexcom G6 and usually don’t calibrate, but have if I think the numbers don’t quite match up nicely. If I calibrate, it’s when the numbers are more than 20% away from each other.

I used to use the Medtronic Guardian sensors with the 670 pump. I hated them. I LOVE the Dexcom G6 sensors.

Remember - the numbers will rarely be the same for both the meter and sensor, but with the Dexcom, they are much closer to the meter readings. There will be a lag of 5-10mins usually and you will learn to read those slight delays. It’s trying to read interstitual fluid, not blood.

And don’t forget the up to 20% (is it still really this large?) margin of error that a meter is allowed. Your 119 versus 136 are only 12% off.

The Medtronic Guardian sensors had a lag time of 20-25 mins, which would ALWAYS screw me up on lows by reading 82 when I was already 58.

You’ll get used to reading and seeing a trend instead of focusing on a number! It is such a great tool! And if you’re a numbers person, take a look at the Dexcom Clarity reports - data to play with in real-time!


Hi pgithens (cool name). Had a difficult time last night with alarms going off all night. Low then high. I did call Dexcom diabetes educator instead of tech support today. Lindsay was so helpful. I did have an over 20% discrepancy today and she gave me options and explained so much more about the system. I think I had a non-people tech support person yesterday. Things are going much better and am hoping for a good nights sleep :sleeping: thank you and the Forum for all of the support. You guys are the best


You need to get more used to how CGM’s work

Don’t calibrate with trending arrows.

Don’t calibrate more than 2x a day.

Don’t expect accuracy if you compress the sensor (as when sleeping or sitting on the sensor).

Look at the graph to predict going high/low, as much as, or more than, relying on trending arrows.


Thanks Dave. Doing better today. Did not realize that I was probably spending all night in the 50’s. Adjusted my basal rate Of course was too far away from receiver when I took shower today and it was not working for a few hours. You are right does take some getting used to. Looking forward to paddle boarding next week without worrying about my numbers.