Medicare appeal for CGM payment..HELP!

Does anyone on Medicare have some suggestions for winning a level III appeal to Medicare to pay for CGMS and the supportive technology? We will be having our hearing with the administrative law judge May 2. Any help would be appreciated!

you may find some help here

You know of someone who had Medicare pay for their CGM?
The response I received, from Medicare was not only no, but hell no! Then because they won’t cover it, my supplemental insurance won’t either. So, despite having T1 for some 32 years, and consequently having a number of instances of being Hypo unaware, requiring emergency room visits, I’m on my own and pay for the sensors directly, myself.
If anyone has a way around this, I’d be most grateful.

S. 804, a bill presently pending in the U.S. Senate, would require CGMs to be covered. Read this discussion (and write to your senators):

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Here’s a story from someone who succeeded.

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Thanks, David. My Congressman and a Senator are cosponsoring the bill.