How often do I need to get my A1c and see my Endo to maintain coverage of my Tandem Pump and Dexcom G6 Systems. Thank you. The Medicare person was unable to find the answer for me.

90 days, however, most endos will use your Dexcom GMI index for your A1C submission to medicare so you do not actually have to go for a blood test. Most endos are currently doing telehealth sessions at this time so you may not necessarily need to physically see the endo and the telehealth chart notes are accepted by Medicare.

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Thank you. I will ask my endo to use that data instead. I just got everything upgraded from the 5 to the 6 on my pump so will have a full 3 months of data for her after my televisit tomorrow. The going in for an A1c is not anything I have done more than once a year for a long time.

You are suppose to see your Endo every 90 per Medicare. My Endo said that Medicare was allowing a longer period due to Corvid but did not say the number of days.