Medicare part b

i hope I'm doing this right it's been such a long time since I've posted. Anyway here I go regarding Medicare Part B. I recently started ordering my insulin from Prescription Solution because they accept Part B Medicare to pay for insulin because it's considered Durable Equipment when used with a pump. For those of us on Medicare know how fast insulin can eat up our allotment of Part D for prescriptions. I was wondering if anyone knew of other companies that accept Part B Medicare to pay for insulin.

CCS Medical covered my insulin for a time, but recently stopped. I suspect they lost too much moeny on it.

I use to get my insulin from CCS but as a prescription and not covered by Part B. But I wouldn't get anything from CCS unless my life depended on it. I haven't gotten any replies but yours I guess it's because not many of us make it this far as a Type 1.

Libert Medical has also recently announced that they will no longer supply insulin covered by Medicare Part B. I've contacted several other pharmacies that a Medicare representative suggested with no success. I'm not sure what the next step should be.....any suggestions? As a last resort I may purchase the insulin from a local retail pharmacy and submit a claim to Medicare myself. Of course I won't be surprised if Medicare allows significantly less than 80% of the retail amount (which is why providers like Liberty and CCS have discontinued doing business at a loss).

If you have Pt D Prescription coverage, you can obtain insulin thru your MD prescription. It's a little over $50 a bottle for me w/ mail order.

I've beem getting my insulin from OPTRUMRx and they take Part B of my Medicare. They use to be known as Prescription Solutions, they can be found at their website.

Thank you Betty J. I called OptumRx today. Your information was totally correct.

Eventhough I have been using OptumRx for Part D pharmacuticles, I had forgotten that they offered Part B coverage for insulin used with a pump. They don't carry One Touch test strips and I now remember that was the reason I started with Liberty Medical. But finding the strips is not a problem.

I hope that OptumRx does not discontinue Part B coverage because of reimbursement by Medicare.

You welcome Ron. That's what I like about Tu and other websites if in doubt I always consult with my cyber friends...take care.

I used to get my insulin (Apidra) for my pump from OptumRx under Medicare Part B. With the changes effective 7/1/2013 with the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program, they have informed me that they are no longer able to be my supplier. Has anyone else encountered this situation? Have you found an alternative? (Fortunately I have enough supply to last 1-2 months.) I have similar issues with my other pump supplies, but when I was first on Medicare, the insulin covered under Part B supplier was the most difficult to find.

No one has notified me about my insulin and whether I will be receiving it from OptumRx. Only one of my supplier has actually let me know that they are not part of this new bidding process. Since I only got a letter from Medicare informing me and others about this new change I'm hopeful that they will also follow up with more info.,,since I'm not the kinds to wait and see I will be getting in touch with Medicare to find out where do I go from here. I have the website with the suppliers in my area but I'm not sure which of my suppliers will change.

My problem has since been resolved I now get my insulin from Walgreen's here in Philly.