Medtronic iPro2 CGM

Has anyone ever used one? I’m specifically looking for information on how accurately it reads for low BG levels, specifically, under 40.

Thank you!

Are you claiming it reads under 40? Once you are below the mid 50’s, it’s time to break out the carbs anyway. If I’m 45 or 37 I couldn’t care less. I’m getting a healthy dose of carbs in my right NOW.

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I’m trying to find out how well it reads below 40. I have episodes at night (2-3 times a week) where my FreeStyle Libre just reads ‘LO’ below 40 at night and I’m trying to figure out how accurate it is. I’ve been sleeping through these episodes for a few years. My doctor kind of shrugged the ‘LO’ readings off and said the FreeStyle Libre isn’t accurate and she’d only count the ones I actually do a finger stick with. Of course, I am not doing finger sticks while I’m sleeping.
I don’t technically have diabetes. The endo’s I’ve seen have determined I just have a very active pancreas. I start a test study in 2 weeks with the Medtronic iPro2, but I don’t want to participate if it doesn’t accurately read below 40.

My wife uses the libre and the lows are spot on - it is accurate for some folks

So you are hypoglycemic?

I think my lows are accurate too. I think there is a 10 minute delay, but the blood stick numbers match with my Libre as well. Mine just drop off after 40 and the graph line on my libre disappears below 40, and after some time, it comes back up… so I was hoping the Medtronic will be able to continue to track at readings below 40, or be considered ‘reliable’ by doctors or alert me because if not, I’ll just keep my Libre and not go through the research study.


Most likely not. The Ipro2 appears to use the older Enlite sensor, not the newer Guardian 3.

I think the only way to catch your lows is to set alarm, and fingerstick.

The actual sensor readings (raw data), are converted to BGs. So if doctor has download option, and can see raw data, it may give insight if raw numbers continue to decrease when BG value not calculated.

Many BG meters may show LOW rather than number also.

Info on Ipro2 and report generated.

The Ipro is a professional 48 to 72 wear device. It is put on by your endo or CDE and is then removed. You do not actually get readings. The device stores the data and then it is read only by the doctor.

As a former enlite user, it is relatively accurate but I do not recall it being accurate under 40. I wonder if you might look into a short term Medtronic connect CGM to see how it works. Here is a link that might interest you. I have never used one, but I see it is available for a 30 day trial.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

The reality to doing studies is you might not get the data. I have done a number of CGM sensor studies and I never got the info from any of them. Most of them are blind so doing a study is really to help advance the equipment. So you will probably still need to use you Libre