Menstrual cycle and crazy blood sugar levels

Using Medtronic 630G, 39 years old, since having my third and last baby 3 years ago my body has changed so much. Biggest change is the awful, unpredictable insulin resistance
Associated with my cycle. I often find myself doubling, almost tripling my insulin requirements and often hitting awful hypoglycemic reactions when the resistance suddenly goes. Half the time I’m not sure if I’m fighting resistance or rebounds. Also some months I have no resistance so every month feels like a guessing game. Anyone else experience this, have any tips? Any and all tips appreciated!

Yes, I experience that. My cycle is unpredictable so it is difficult to figure out too. I rely a lot on my dexcom now during my cycle. I up my basal by 15% and then use corrections. After day 2 I return my basal to normal and then correct as needed. I also need to lower my basal by 10% the day my cycle ends! If you are having a difficult time predicting if there will be resistance or not, I guess you may just have to rely on corrections. Sorry you are experiencing this. I know that it is not fun.

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Yeah I use Dexcom too…I wanted to stay with them but am thinking of changing to the Medtronic cgm as they have a new self adjusting pump the 670G-I feel like I need something like that if only to do some of the work for me overnight. I need some uninterrupted sleep!

Tandem T-Slim X2 pump is also available, with insulin adjustment based on dexcom. There are many discussions here if you do a search.

Unfortunately not in Canada yet :disappointed:

March 25th they are shipping in Ontario.

Is it already approved for ADP cover? My endocrinologist knew nothing of this in February! I’m desperate for some kind of self adjusting pump and my adp warranty doesn’t renew until July 2020 so if I can get my insurance to cover the upgrade fee for Medtronic right now, then this might be my best option timing wise. I can revisit the tslim/Dexcom option next year once my ADP warranty comes up again.

They are waiting for the i’s to be dotted and the t’s crossed so any day now. My DD was booked for a pump start next week but they pushed it off until after March 25th when everything should be full speed ahead.

Ooh! That’s nice timing for your dd! I’ve heard good stuff about the system. I already love Dexcom so I’m a bit slow to switch but currently I need to prioritize getting the pump as soon as possible and in a way that I can afford! Hopefully I’ll be able to switch back to Dexcom next year

He! I paid 1500
to upgrade to a 670 G and I LOVE it. Sensors are bang on. Do it if you can-been type 1 since the age of 22 months and I am 50.

Thanks Joakim! I bit the bullet and paid for the upgrade! It’s coming tomorrow I hope!! Can’t wait to get started, really hoping it helps! Glad to hear it’s working well for you!

Yes absolutely, a few years back I was SO frustrated I was looking into everything I could- I tried the pill which didn’t work (only required me to take so much more insulin all month long). For a time, I had a special basal pattern I would turn on for that time of the month. In the last couple of years what has helped me the most was just taking the bad days as they come. When I have those days of high bs I just up my temp basal and inject, inject, inject. So much less stress than trying to figure out the why. And yes some months are better than others- but if you notice some months your period symptoms are better than others? I think it’s all connected. I am a big listener of the Jukebox Podcast (which has helped me so much with my diabetes) and Scott has an episode on there called ‘Code Red,’ where he interviews a woman and they talk specifically about diabetes and your monthly cycle.

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You will love it. I feel like I have been reborn. Lows are no problem-it only takes 10g of carbs to raise your bg. Your bg is almost NORMAL all the time/ Even my skin looks better and it HEALS. You can do it. ALL diabetics MUST HAVE THIS!

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