Meter Screen Gone Bad - Second Time - Many Bad Words Said

Clara’s a careful child and carries her meter in a padded kit, yet this is the SECOND time she’s pulled it out only to find that the screen has gone bad. The rep at Animas wasn’t too surprised. He mildly said, “We’ve had some problems with those.” She’s only been pumping 6 months, and she’s already had two meters fail in this manner. I’ve attached two pictures. I thought they would just load, but I guess you’ll have to link to them. Who else has had this experience?
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Oh, that would be FRUSTRATING! I love my Ping but I have always hated the One Touch meters because of THOSE STUPID STRIPS!

I am on my 3rd ping meter because of that same issue. During the week I wear the meter on my belt (with a cheap cell phone holster) and pump on my leg. When I can get out of my suit, if I am using the Ping meter, I keep it in a pocket. Apparently the “flexing” or whatever cause the lcd screen issues. Knock on wood, no issues in a long time!

I just started using my remote last month…so far so good. Its a bit slow but other than that and one touch strips being a pain…so far so good. thanks for the heads up.

We have a slim little One Touch meter that we bought after the first failure. A Contour, I think?

We live in Austin.