Metformin and gluconeogenesis, lchf

I read that: ‘metformin suppresses gluconeogenesis’. I’m on lchf diet (something like: 70-80g carbs, 80g protein and 110-130g fats). It means that on metformin if I eat for example 80g of carbs I’ll ‘absorb’ less carbs or my body will not use gluconeogenesis to ‘make’ extra sugar that needs? I’m just curious how it works :slight_smile:

Metformin works in the stomach to prevent your body from absorbing sugar and suppresses glucagon output from the liver. I’m type 1 on low carb and I’ve been using metformin for about a week exactly for those two things because I had developed some sort of insulin resistance after a bad cold last year and so far it’s working great.

I’m Type 1 on a low-carb diet and have been using metformin for about a year, I think. I didn’t feel like it was making a huge difference so tried to stop it, and wow, my blood sugar shot up to 18-20 mmol/L and stayed there for two days. So clearly it is doing something to benefit me and I will keep taking it.

Here’s how metformin works:

Another version:

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