Metformin Anyone?

I went to a new endo yesterday & he started me on Metformin. I always thought that was strictly for Type II's. He said it would help me have more insulin sensitivity & also help me lose weight. I am starting on 500mg & over the next month will bump it up to 2000mgs. I'm only on day 2 & the only thing I've noticed is that I have a ton of energy & it upsets my stomach a bit. Just curious if anyone else is on Metformin as a Type I? If so, what is/ was the outcome?
I didn't know where to post this, I hope you don't mind. I know it has nothing to do with Omni Pod. In case it matters, I currently use the Omni Pod/ Dexcom combo for treatment. I've been diabetic for about 19 years, and My A1c is 7.4.

My 17 year old is taking it, because she was becoming increasingly insensitive to insulin. She had some trouble with stomach upset, and some other GI side effects =( But, when she remembers to take it, it really does improve her insulin sensitivity. She doesn't need to lose weight, but was hungry all the time, and the metformin definitely helped with that. (She is using an OmniPod too, for almost five years, but I don't think it has anything to do with that.) Good luck with it. Her doc said to be sure to take it with meals as that lessens the stomach and GI problems.

I was taking Metformin for a while. I don't remember exactly why I stopped, probably was due to many things. I too had the digestive track issues, but they do go away after a few months. It's not fun, but it doesn't last. I think there were some other side effects that I didn't like too, but don't recall, sorry. The difference in insulin for me was barely noticable, I think that's the main reason why I stopped. I did lose some weight which was good. But since stopping I gained it all back plus some. I'm on Weight Watchers now which has had a very positive effect on my insulin usage, very noticable, more than any other thing I've tried. So, I'll be trying to stick to that instead of drugs. ;)

Sounds like my family. I too ended up with Type 1 while my sister got the Thyroid issues. Lucky them, eh?

I am a Type I (for 28 yesrs), using the Omnipod and I take Metformin 2x a day (500 mg each time). I don't have any GI issues. I take mine for insulin resistance issues and I have noticed a change in my insulin usage, I take about half of what I was taking, so it works good for me. I have not lost any weight though. Maybe the weight loss is connected with having GI issues, not sure. Just know I havent lost any and I have been on it about a year.

Two years ago my Endo started to give me Metformin also. My first reaction was the same. Why Metformin when I am using insulin (5tmes a day). Now I am on Omnipod and I am still using Metformin.
But why the Metformin. There has been research in the Netherlands (sorry that is where I live)The people at the Bethesda Diabetes Research Centre in Hoogeveen the Netherlands found out that insulin with Metformin makes the insulin work better and gives less cardio risks. See attached PDF.
The groupe was type II diabetics, but that was the group they researched.
The weight thing? I did not gain any kilo's and have less appetite. So it might work.

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I do not have PCOS or a hormone imbalance. I have type 1 diabetes & hypothyroid w/ hashimotos. I take Levoxyl, another form of Synthroid. What can I say? I drew the short straw! :o)