Metformin ER vs metformin

Doc just changed me to Metformin Er from regular metformin. So far no issues. I have been on metformin 850 3x a day(2550 total) for years. I am now taking 500 X4
(2000). I am worried that it will not be active for about 15 hrs or just as effective as the straight

Doc made the changes because I confessed that i forgot to take lunch day pill often.
Any experiences with this?

Way back when I took metformin the ER version lessened the digestive side effects that I experienced on the regular version.

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I’ve been taking Metformin since diagnosis. Switched to ER when I had bad digestive side effects. I’m still taking the ER several years later, and can’t seem to tell a difference in the way it affects my BG. It doesn’t do anything dramatic, but does help to blunt Dawn Phenomenon for me. That doesn’t seem to change between the same dose in the “regular” or ER formulation.

I couldn’t take the regular Metformin from the get go. Made me VERY sick to my stomach. I have taken the ER version for 12 years. The max is 2000 mg for the ER version. Never had a moments problem with it. The once a day convenience is another benefit.