Metformin manufacturers

So I've been on Metformin 750 mg er manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. It's reddish mottled appearance. It's $15 copay at Target. My employer decided to go cheap and switched to some health savings accounts with a huge deductible so now all my prescriptions are out of pocket.

To save costs, I ordered Metformin 750mg ER on healthwarehouse and they are white pills manufactured by Amneal.

Does anyone take the ones manufactured by Amneal and are they legit as opposed to Teva? I just trust Teva more because I've been on the pink mottled pills for over a year and have gotten used to them. Cost-wise the Amneal ones are much cheaper ($24-ish for 90 pills).

have you noticed any changes in your blood sugars? their website says they make generics and they are cleared by the FDA

A good resource for understanding the source of your medication and protecting yourself against counterfeit med is Look up your medication and make sure that the number codes and visible appearance match.

I get my metformin from my local pharmacy because they offer metformin and glipizide for free. They often switch manufactuers. I recently refilled a 2 month prescription and I noticed pills looked different, a little bigger and white and no fish odors like the other ones. They also seem to work a lot better. I take 3 x 850 a day. I googled the number on the pill and found out they were made by Amneal. They have an IP 176 printed on them. I specifically asked for that brand now if they have it. My bgs had never gone below 100 and now they are routinely there. Check out your local pharmacies, many have $4 metformin per month or free like Giant. We have a HSA too with a $6000 deductible. Our expensive meds we now buy from a Canadian pharmacy