Mixing insulins help

howdy people, i need a little help. Here r the basics> 25 yr old, female, was diagnosed 1 week from 16 bday, Type 1 diabetes, when i follow strict diet plan still get real high highs, when i don’t follow diet still get highs, when i don’t eat i still get highs. No insurance since Bush, right now following old sliding scale last Dr. gave me. My sugars r fine sometimes not all the time, i try my best nothing i do works. but i know how much r insulin to give myself. Someone i know gave me some insulin that they came across, Lantus, Novolog mix 70/30, and novolin R. I am taking now lantus 25 units at night, and the last bottle of novolog regular i have been using the sliding scale last DR. gave. I wanted to know how to use the Novolog mix? and do i need regular insulin while take the Novolog mix? and should i stop taking the lantus if i start the novolog mix? Any help is welcomed, please and thank you

Hi Salome,

What’s your strict diet plan?

The best way to dose insulin is according to how many carbs you eat, not by a sliding scale. Jenny’s site is a great place to start http://www.bloodsugar101.com. Also please get the book “Think Like a Pancreas.” It explains about different insulins, timing & dosing.

Taking 70/30 (a mix) with basal (Lantus) & Regular could cause problems because you’re doubling up on what you’re already taking in the 70/30.

It would probably be better to take a rapid acting insulin for meals (& to correct highs) & basal insulin. That’s the regiment most people on injections use. Regular is slower acting than rapid acting, unless you need slower acting for a specific reason.

Since you don’t have insurance, see if there’s a free clinic where you can see a doctor & get the proper insulin. Call hospitals, social services, etc. for suggestions where to go. Pharm companies have assistance programs for people without insurance to get insulin.


Of course, Salome should see an endo. But, she doesn’t have insurance:)

First off, anything people discuss on this board is not medical advice. You should get medical advice from a doctor. That being said, I realize that you without insurance and probably have not see a Dr. in a while. Novolog mix is a mixture of 70% long acting insulin and 30% short acting. I believe the “long acting” portion of Novolog mix, which is insulin aspart protamine suspension is probably an intermediate action insulin roughly corresponding to NPH.

Thus a rough description of the action of 10 units of novolog mix would be that it is the same as 7 units of NPH and 3 units of R. If you take the novolog mix three times a day, ten units each time, your total daily dose would be 3 x 7 units of NPH, with 3x3 units of R. You would probably need to cut back on your lantus markedly, probably to 5-10 units. At those levels you need to also be aware that you are heavily stacking your insulin during the day and getting enough R to cover your meals may give you too much basal.

Again. I am no expert on insulin, am not a doctor and would certainly encourage you to get the advice of a dr or pharmacist. I would also support the idea of moving away from a sliding scale towards carb counting. And don’t forget, Walmart sells Relion NPH and R insulin without prescription in many states for $23 plus change for a vial. And don’t forget, you can ask the pharmacist basic questions, they can be helpful.

i know how much regular to take, it just i’m running out of the lantus, and 70/30 is what i’m going to have to take. but thanks 4 being nice :{ so glad we r not friends

thank u, ur really nice, great info.
my diet plan is i think 1800cal. not sure. just been doing same thing for ever now.

and i live in miami, so anywhere thats free is usually really dirty or scary. but i’ll keep looking for free clinics.

“Walmart sells Relion NPH and R insulin without prescription in many states for $23 plus change for a vial” << not walmart i checked u have to go to Sam’s club. same dumb people, but still worth it.

Thank you, u were most helpful. and i only ask about using lantus with the 70/30 cause i was searching on net and read in some places that people were doing that, even though i didn’t think it added up.
Thank you ever so much :-}

You’re welcome, Salome. Know how difficult it is not to have a doc to consult. Hard enough even with a doctor.

Please check out Jenny’s site I mentioned above. If you don’t mind a suggestion, learning to count carbs will help. The exchange method & sliding scale we were taught is pretty outdated & not accurate. I take Humulin R & there aren’t many of us on Regular. Most people use rapid acting before meals.The fast acting insulins are too fast for me because I have delayed stomach emptying. I need something slower acting & longer lasting. I use Apidra to correct highs because it works fast. Expensive being on three different insulins, but it’s the only way for me.

Everyone reacts differently to insulin types & brands based on their unique biochemistry, weight, age, level of activity & heaven knows what else. Sometimes just the brand, not type, needs changing.

I hope you can find a caring clinic doctor who can review your numbers & update your treatment, if needed. There’s lots of info here & elsewhere about carb counting & matching insulin to carbs. Not easy to learn new methods, but it’s worth it because you’re worth it!

There may be some Walmarts without pharmacies, but I would expect that any Walmart with a pharmacy would have the Relion insulin and diabetic supplies. Let us know if you find out otherwise. I’m glad the info was helpful.

u didn’t anything, sorry i snapped. its just 4 a minute there u sounded like my first doctor who made me feel crappy, cause in his words i wasn’t trying hard enough. he basicaly made me feel like crap all the time and i was starving doing everything he said and still he said i sucked. no worries, life goes on.

sorry again

life goes on, its fine. ;-}