Mommy, I Wish I Had Diabetes / What to Tell Your Non-Diabetic Kids About Diabetes

We ran a guest 'Experts' column from A. Kelsey Metcalf about how her young daughter, who does not have diabetes, became jealous of her insulin pump and wished she had diabetes. You can check it out here: Mommy, I Wish I Had Diabetes…

This led me to the question about when parents with diabetes should have "the talk" with their kids about diabetes and its complications. If you are a parent with diabetes, at what age did you communicate the seriousness of diabetes with your child? If you dont have children, what do you think is an appropriate age?


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my 7 year old knows i have diabetes and understand I try to get ‘good’ numbers from my meter and often notices me skipping certain foods at meal time. think he’s old enough to understand if I’m in trouble and can get help in an emergency. the 4 year old would be no help at all and the whole diabetes thing is too much for her understand now.