More Insulin Pump Problems Reported by Readers

On Wednesday, Diabetes News Hound ran an article about a malfunctioning insulin pump that reportedly caused its user to die. Our report generated a wide variety of responses from readers, ranging from fear and concern over the incident, to defense of their pump experience. While most of our readers noted a positive experience with the pump, some readers reported serious injuries, even death. Read today’s follow-up here.
What’s your experience?

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Hey Christopher - So far, in the almost 2 years I’ve been pumping (MM Paradigm and now Animas 2020) - no problems to report.

Chris - I have had a forum discussion open at Diabetes1 for the past few days - since the story of Steven was made to the public. I also have been discussing what has happened on The Diabetic Hound (not sure where he disappears to after posting his blogs - but he’s not come into the discussion - but I’m carrying on with it).

I had asked a certain person posting in The Diabetic Hounds posting about how they knew so much information - and to read what they wrote back - had made me into a trembling / stupid / emotional fool at the moment.

The person - who knew Steven for 6 years posted this reply - and it will be a shocker - I also have this posted at the Diabetes1 forum - very quiet there - but I feel more people - especially those using a Medtronic pump - might be interested in what the manufacturer of their pump has done in this case - it’s appauling to say the least -

Yes, I knew Steven for 6 years. After talking to his parents I will give you the small synopsis of the story. Steven suffocated during a seizure due to low sugar level in his sleep. As a diabetic myself- one of the biggest fears I have is dying due to a low sugar level as well. His parents asked the coroner in BC to examine the pump. The coroners’ office sent the pump to Health Canada to be examined. Upon examination Health Canada results have shown that the pump dispensed a lethal dose of insulin in this sleep. Medtronics has been asked to examine the pump to find the malfunction from the family and coroners office as well as Health Canada had recommended that . The pump was sent to Medtronincs however Medtronics does not feel this is important and has sent the pump back without any further testing.

Chris and all - I put in the wrong link above in my posting - it was not The Diabetic Hound - but D and the Guy (apolgies to you if you are a member of Tudiabetes) - to view the discussion that is ongoing there - go to this link -….

I am pretty emotional about what has happened to Steven as you can tell - so with the investigation I have been doing on this story (written a blog about it) - I want to be the Ralph Nader of Diabetics at the moment!!!