Morning Lows

All this past week I've been waking up first it was in the low 4's, then the mid 3's and today I woke at 2.3 (still feel shaky). I've recently changed to a very low carb diet and low calorie diet and started a regular exercise routine.


5am: 3.2
2 pce bacon, 1T cream coffee (1 carb) no bolus
7am: 8.3

1030am: 7.2, nuts and tea (2 carbs) no bolus
noon: 7.6, 12 carbs, 1 unit
3pm: 5.8

5pm:5.2 chicken and roasted veggies (6.5 carbs) no bbolus

7pm: 10.8, workout for 30 mins

then I wake up and I'm 2.3

I don't want to bolus for dinner and workout, but I clearly need the insulin then...but if I do, I would be really low in the morning!!

FYI: I was taking 25-35 units TDD before for last few years...this week I lowered to 16 then 14 and yesterday took a TDD of 11.6 units!!

It really sounds like your basal is too high. Any bolus from dinner would be long gone by the time you wake the next morning. A low carb diet may well require substantial changes to not only your basal rate but also your mealtime and correction ratios. Many also find that they need to bolus for protein as it can cause a blood sugar rise of 3-5 hours (as you appear to have).

Exercise can double your insulin sensitivity for up to 48 hours.

I am also eating low carb and exercising. I am now using levemir and novalog.

Some days I only take basal insulin. I keep my bolus for corrections or covering the occasional meal when I do have more carbs. However my typical meal (now I need to cover protein as well) is 1 - 2 units of novalog.

I also adjust my basal depending on how much I've eaten. For example, if I eat dinner then I take 14 -15 units of basal. If I don't eat dinner then I take only 12 Units of insulin. If I ate less than usual that day or exercised more than usual, then I may even reduce to 8 - 10 units of basal.

Some days I kind of doubt I am diabetic. But then I eat a lot of carbs and shoot up to 200 (even with bolus), so I am really diabetic.

If I ate regular carbs at every meal, my total insulin would be about 18 units basal and about 18 units of fast acting. Now it is 12 - 18 Units of basal and 0 - 6 units of bolus.