Most accurate

Does any one know which meters for bg testing have been found most accurate. I use the bayer asencia (sp?) contour.

I am T1 so I hope you don’t mind my throwing my 2 cents in. I bought a meter (Presto) that alot of people said was very accurate - it was way off for me and I also compared it to the lab. There was a discussion here & someone said a meter that ran high for her but was good for her husband. I think our individual body chemistry can throw stuff off in meters that work OK for other people. One thing you should do is take your meter to the lab with you when you have blood work done. Test your BS & compare it when you get the results back so you know how close it was. I use the AccuChek Aviva and that has always been accurate for me - my last test was only a couple points off.

I’ve only ever used the LifeScan/OneTouch line of meters, so I can’t give much in the way of an opinion.

Though I have to ask…why do you differentiate that it’s ‘type two bg testing’? Type 1’s don’t test any differently :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Freestyle Lite, it’s what I was given in the hospital when I was diagnosed almost 3yrs ago. I have acquired several of them (car, work bag, gym bag, nightstand, day bag) and they seem to be pretty accurate. I’ve tested it against a few times my BG was taken in the Dr’s office, and it was pretty close.

I use an AccuChek Compact Plus. I find it to be accurate. Any meter can be for T-1 or T-2 testing.

I tested four meters against a lab test. The winner for me was Accu-Chek Aviva.

ooops! sorry my bad lol…I wasn’t thinking. My head was full of stuff like pumps and Insulin. But, I did know that because one of the people who helped me adjust is a type 1 and he used the same meter. Again sorry.

Thanks for all the information. I am most appreciative. I have never done the lab test thing. so I think I will try that to see how close the results are. And I am sorry for mis-speaking re: type 2 meters.

I have 3 Accu-Chek Aviva’s this is the only meter I have ever used but they willall read different if I test at the same time. Get what you like, stick with it and calibrate.

In the beginning I bough a cheap on from WalMart and it was terrible, it was off by 20pt or more. Now I have Bayer Contour and doc checked it against his meter and they are in sync, so I like this meter.

That’s ok, I was teasing! :slight_smile:

I use the One Touch meters - they are very accurate for me - right on with lab work taken at the same time.