Mother's Dog has K9 Type 1 Diabetes

I am not sure exactly what section in which to post this, but I got a phone call from my mother who has about a 9 year old female Rat Terrier. She took the dog in to the vet vomiting and had been not eating and losing weight for the last 3 days. The vet said the dog has pancriatitis. As a result, the dog is diabetic. Anyway, she calls me because I am diabetic but I am human type 2. She will have to give the dog insulin shots and she is not sure how to test the dogs blood, considering the dogs toes are tougher than human fingers. Oh well, she will have a battle on her hands and I don’t mean the dog. She will now have to understand what it is like to have to think like a diabetic.

Canines (so as felines) can have diabetes. Usually it maybe treated with also right diet…low fat, low sugar. some may also take oral meds, like glipizide . However dogs may also be administered with intravenous insulin on a regular basis, depending on the vet’s recommendation. Here are some sites that may help you:

I’m a dog lover myself…Hope this helps=)