ok a little history here i started a job 50 miles from my house. at the time i had a 2001 trail blazer and got 12 miles to the gallon, she also had 267,000 miles on and costing me 300 dollars plus to keep it running.
Next step i bought a new elamtra on Jan the 11th, and was rear ended on Feb 8th. The car was totaled 2 weeks later. i was to pick up my steel tags that weekend, well that did not happen. i was hurt with a pinched nerve in my neck. two week later my right hand went numb and found out i had diabetes the same day.
jump to the end of febuary, had to get a new car went and got it and they put the tags from the wrecked car on the new car. they took care of it?????????
well the MVA could not understand this been fighting with them along with my insurance, and the dealership. so after missing this past Friday and Monday i had to leave early to fix the problem as i got a notice from them that my tags were suspended and this could not be done over the phone???????
Get there get my ticket and got it within in 15 minuets. sat down was called in 5 minuets. got up gave them my notice, and was told it was taken care of yesterday??????????