My 12 year old type one son (diagnosed 2009) Animas ping in the mail!

My son and the entire family are so excited. We officially have our Animas Ping being shipped as we speak!!! 2 and a half years of multiple shots daily this is going to be a great adjustment. I must admit me and dad are a little apprehensive...its something new! I know he will do great. I'm am noticing his change in behavior with his age and terrified he is going to rebel against the diabetes and back slide on taking care of himself. Any tips from other pre-teen parents on what to look for and how to deal with this type of thing?

I don't have an pre-teens (unless you include my pugs) but I just programmed my second Ping this morning. My other one lasted very well for about 7 years. I am an avid pumper and wouldn't go back to MDI. One thing that may be somewhat intimidating is the insertion of the infusion set. I have found that LesPain (available form either or its It's a spray topical numbing solution. It works very well. I brought it with me for a breast cyst biopsy and I didn't feel the more intrusive anesthetic. Spray the LesPain on, wait about 20 minutes and you are good to go. Just be sure the area is dry so the stickum for the infusion set works well.

Congrats! Bit of a learning curve but given how kids today embrace technology I’m sure he’ll do very well… I was diagnosed 6 months ago and had to do MDI for about 2 weeks and hated it… The pump is amazing … Once rates and insulin sensitivity values are established his diabetes will almost be an afterthought . Good luck !