My C-peptide level result

… is 0.81 ng/ml. Normal is 1.10 to 4.40 ng/ml. (Fasting level.)

This is after about 6 months post-diagnosis (or perhaps 1 month more, since the symptoms appeared suddenly, within a few weeks, prior to diagnosis). While it is clearly lowered (a hallmark of type 1), it looks a little high after 6 months to me. I’m no endo, but this indicates LADA to me.

What do you guys think?

Mine was recently .8 but I am labelled as Type 2. But the .8 C-peptide made me Medicare eligible for a pump.

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Diabetes is different in everyone… For many people, especially when diagnosed older (not as a child) the lost of beta cell function is slow. That can be slowed further by careful management and keeping BGs as close to normal as possible. So its possible that you can still have significant beta cell function for a long time after diagnosis. I haven’t been tested in a couple years, but I still had some beta cell function 3-4 years after diagnosis, albeit clearly declining.

What was your blood sugar level when it was taken?

If it was normal, non elevated, then the c peptide level has no significance. If your blood sugar level was significantly elevated, it would be a meaningful low level.

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