My D Story

I was diagnosed on Friday, March 13, 1998. My mom had taken me to the doctor that day because I had been drinking so much water (which I hate) and I was going to the bathroom all the time. The one thing I remember from that day was when the doctor said “She has Juvenile Diabetes”; my mom couldn’t stop crying. I just looked at her, smiled, and said to her, “Its ok mommy, don't cry". I had to stay in the hospital for a week. After that week, I had to go down to Children's Hospital to learn more about this disease and how to take care of myself.

I have had Diabetes for 9 years. Now I have an insulin pump I like having an insulin pump better than having to do all of those shots. My pump has given me so much more freedom and allows me to live a more normal life.

Controlling diabetes is a daily struggle for me. What works one day doesn’t always work the next day. I try to be positive and do everything I can to help others who are also going through this and to help find a cure. I am very involved in my local JDRF chapter. My mom and I are on the planning committy for our walk and for family events. I love to be able to help others who are going through the same thing as me. If that means they need someone to talk to, someone to listen, a babysitter for their D child, or just a friend I am more that willing to help. Diabetes has also had many positive effects on my life. I am way more responsible than most kids my age, because I have to be. It has helped me to become extremely tolerable of pain and sickness, which isn’t always a good thing. It makes me see life and health as precious things. I don’t let Diabetes stop me from doing anything, I keep persevering. I will keep fighting until there is a cure! A cure would be so amazing. I can't even imagine what it would be like since I don't remember life without diabetes.